Octomom in the News Again : Welfare Fraud

Well, Octomom is in the news again.  This time?  Welfare Fraud.  According to sources she failed to report $30,000 of a*sisted income (aka: welfare).  It seems like she’ll never get out of the news.  It kind of sucks because it keeps giving media and haters something to talk about.  Who knows, maybe there’s some kind of a mistake?

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Subject: You are inspirational and I have a few words to say!

Hi there Nadye!

My name is Lynsey and I am a single mom to a loving and handsome young man named Gregory. He is 19 months old. Just by applying the simple Corinthians quote(religious or not) to my life(and having faith in the Lord) I have been raising Gregory better than I could have imagined. He is not perfect, and no one is, but he is so special and life changing to all whom he comes into contact with.

I have heard about you before and for the first time experienced you tonight on Dr. Drew (skimming through the channels on a whim). I was very frustrated by Dr. Drew for interrupting you, but he just did not seem to really care or have any interest in the topic that mattered most. It almost appeared like he was trying to get a rise out of you.

With that aside, you are an amazing and strong woman that truly deserves financial help. Facts only, a lot of people are too lazy to do a lot of things in life, including raising a child, let alone the 8 you have at once and your older children. Just having watched you prepare your octuplets meal showed me a great deal.

I want to wish you the best in life and thank you for being such an inspiration to the world!

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Subject: Your doing a fantastic job and your fantastic mom


I just recently watched a documentary about you and your family . I can honestly say i would have made the exact same decision as yourself in the early stages. You have a wonderful family , and you are a real inspiration to myself , you can achieve anything in life if you work hard enough . People are quick to judge out there allot of people really need to look at themselves first before they name call and criticize other peoples lives . Keep going strong your an amazing beautiful young woman , and your doing a fantastic job you can see how much your children are loved and how much you they love you too . I am starting I V F in Jan 2012 i am single too , my boyfriend and i broke up in feb 2011 and i am going it alone, so you have touched me how wonderful you are ,

God bless you all


Birmingham , England


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