Octomom in the News Again : Welfare Fraud

Well, Octomom is in the news again.  This time?  Welfare Fraud.  According to sources she failed to report $30,000 of a*sisted income (aka: welfare).  It seems like she’ll never get out of the news.  It kind of sucks because it keeps giving media and haters something to talk about.  Who knows, maybe there’s some kind of a mistake?

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Octomom May Face Eviction in La Habra, CA


After having her house foreclosed last year, the last thing Nadya wanted was to be forced out of her home again.  According to Radar Online, she was evicted from her second residence in the Mojave Desert, in April for failing to pay her $2,950 rent.

Now, she and her kids are living in a five-bedroom house in Orange County, Calif., and the landlord of the property says she may be asking Suleman and her family to leave.

Suleman’s new landlady bought the property last month and is saying she needs her out because she is having problems refinancing the building because of her.

Lana, 53, said: “I have had problems refinancing the building myself because of her. That’s one of the things why we have to ask her to leave. The bank refused to support the loan. She is said to have left her houses abused and everything and it worried the bank.”

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Octomom Blamed for Welfare Fraud

Octomom is in the news again, in relation to welfare.  The L.A. County Department of Welfare Fraud Prevention and Investigation is investigating whether the mother of 14 may have committed welfare fraud, according to reports from both E! and TMZ.

The complaint filed is that Nadya Suleman is collecting welfare benefits including food stamps even though she made around $200,000 last year with her video and a few other publicity gigs.  Under California law, she is only ent*tled to government a*sistance if her income is less than $119,000.  If she is actually convicted she could risk going to jail for up to three years!


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