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Dear nadya,

Would you consider working on a book of children’s stories with me. I am a talented author and poet, and i think we could get together and write children’s stories from the bible. You can have the first fifty thousand in royalty money we bring in.

I hate to see you looking at p**n when there is a chance to do gods work and teach children the bible.



mark mcgoveran

[email protected]

2 thoughts on “book offer

  1. Please Nadya Suleman ( Octomom ), i kindly advice you not to resort to p**nography.There are more better things you can do to find money.I read your profile on wikipedia that you are a Christian.Please don’t let your body be sacrificed in p**n.This will mess your relationship with God and kill you.Satan is a lier, i know the devil is celebrating that he got you to expose your naked body in p**n where you are seen being nailed like a w***e on the television screen.Please remember that God is able to help you.Atleast he is able to help you even though you lack faith in him.Please stop going to p**n industries, this will destroy your life.

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