Octomom Nadya Suleman on Oprah Show

Some people are commenting after Octomom’s recent appearance on Oprah’s TV show and it seems many feel bad for her and think she’s actually doing a great job with her kids.  She discusses many of the most criticized news stories like her adult film offer and reality TV show offer.  She mentions that she would never think of doing an adult show  and that she wouldnt put her children through a TV show because it’s borderline abusive.  Shes says shes not the cooky character the media makes her out to be.

When you watch the video below you can get an idea of how crazy her days must be.

Octomom Oprah Video

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Octomom Strange Laughing Fits on The View

If you haven’t seen the latest Octomom interview on The View, you’ll be shocked.  Her sudden outbursts of high pitched laughter are very surprising.  The woman on The View actually call her out on the strange laughter, and at the end one of the ladies even mocks her.  During the interview she shifts swiftly in her seat to try to answer all of the interviewers questions, but seems very confused and HYPER.  Is this the way she always acts, or is she on something?

Octomom pregnant again?

She even mentions that she would have more kids if it came up in the future!

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OctoMom – Nadya Suleman’s father Interview on Oprah Show

Edward Doud Suleman, the octoGrandpa, weighs in on Oprah

What does Nadya Suleman’s father have to say about his daughter?

Nadya Suleman’s parents have not been hesitant in making their opinions heard on their daughter’s behavior. Nadya’s mother Angela says in an interview with her and her daughter that she will “never understand” Nadya’s decision (we cover the interview here: OctoMom Fights with her mother in an interview)

Edward Doud Suleman, Nadya’s Sulemans father, has now appeared on Oprah to defend his daughter from much of the criticism she have been receiving in the press lately. Mr. Suleman, who early on pleaded with the press for privacy on his daughter’s behalf, is now speaking publicly about his views on the octuplets and the choices his daughter Nadya has made.

Nadya Suleman – Father on Oprah Interview

In the interview, Oprah as usual pulls no punches, asking him pointed questions about the responsibility he feels his daughter has in the situation, as well as what he is going to do now that he has 14 grand children.

Just as with the Dr. Phil interview, Jimmy Kimmel has his own take on the Oprah interview. Check out the video below.

Jimmy Kimmel Nadya Suleman Oprah Video

Mr. Suleman, who is of Iraqi decent and spent time serving in Iraq as a member of the military, is reportedly going to return to Iraq as a translator and driver to aid his daughter in supporting the children. This comes after Nadya’s mother and Mr. Suleman’s ex-wife, Angela, has complained that she is overwhelmed attempting to care for Nadya’s 6 older children who are in her care, and complains that Nadya has contributed little to help relieve the financial burden of raising her six children. It remains to be seen how much of Mr. Suleman’s earnings in Iraq will go towards helping his ex-wife, who is struggling to make house payments on the pension payments she receives as a retired public school teacher.

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