Did Nadya Suleman hire a PR firm to represent her?

Who is providing the press with Nadya Suleman photos?

The Killeen Furtney Group is now providing public relations relation representation to Nadya Suleman. How could a mother of 14 on public a*sistance and whose current residence is in foreclosure afford to retain one of Los Angeles’ premier public relations firms?

The simple is answer is that she can’t. In statements released by Michael Furtney (pictured above), half of Killeen Furtney, the firm is currently donating their services to Ms. Suleman. Mr. Furtney is the official spokesman for the Nadya Suleman family, and lately the only contact Ms. Suleman has had with the public has gone through Mr. Furtney. Additionally, he is responsible for the claim that food stamps and disability don’t qualify for welfare, defending a statement that Ms. Suleman had made that she doesn’t receive welfare. KFG has set up a website on Ms. Suleman’s behalf, soliciting donations and listing their mailing address for where people may send donations by check to the Nadya Suleman family. The firm has also been responsibly for booking Ms. Suleman’s public appearances, such as her interviews with Ann Curry and Dr. Phil.

The group, however, does not take credit for the large number of Nadya Suleman pictures that have been turning up in the press lately. So does one acquire a unique Nadya Suleman photo? It appears that the infamous paparazzi have been working their magic, combing through public sources in attempts to uncover pictures of Ms. Suleman. There are also reports that member of Nadya Sulemans family have been receiving cash offers for any old pictures they might have of her, particularly ones taken during her early pregnancies or before her plastic surgery.

How do you think Killeen Furtney has been handling Nadya Suleman’s public relations? Are they exploiting Ms. Suleman for their own gain, or does she have one over on them? Tell us in the comments.

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