Subject: Your doing a fantastic job and your fantastic mom


I just recently watched a documentary about you and your family . I can honestly say i would have made the exact same decision as yourself in the early stages. You have a wonderful family , and you are a real inspiration to myself , you can achieve anything in life if you work hard enough . People are quick to judge out there allot of people really need to look at themselves first before they name call and criticize other peoples lives . Keep going strong your an amazing beautiful young woman , and your doing a fantastic job you can see how much your children are loved and how much you they love you too . I am starting I V F in Jan 2012 i am single too , my boyfriend and i broke up in feb 2011 and i am going it alone, so you have touched me how wonderful you are ,

God bless you all


Birmingham , England


5 thoughts on “Subject: Your doing a fantastic job and your fantastic mom

  1. sunday april 1 4:30 pm
    dear octomom or nadya
    just want applaud you on such a monumental task! do you ever have any free time to chit chat or consider dating someone? ive admired your picture you are a beautiful lady and a smart one too! please email me at [email protected] im a retired school and former school counselor and would like to help you with advice or? your friend god bless you dennis mahoney

  2. I just saw Nadya Suleman on TV and she’s still trying to explain herself.

    Ms. Suleman, I say tell everyone to mind their own business and take a look at their own lives. You don’t have to apologize for anything. Even if you would go back if you could – which I’m not sure you would, here they are, and what kind of people want to deny them anything?

    Keep your head up. I know some days are better than others, but I really believe you love them very much – I have no problem with you taking food stamps. I would never want them – or you – to struggle because I didn’t understand your decision. They’re beautiful – enjoy them and hopefully one day they will be so proud of you that they’ll make sure you’re taken care of in your old age. They’ll make you proud as well.

    America is a great country – until someone goes against the grain and for whatever reason, draws attention to themselves. Tell them all to p**s off.

    Just sayin’…..

  3. I think most people would change their tune is Ms. Suleman simply stopped with the “get rich quick” gimmicks and simply went back to a normal job. Of course people are going to pa*s judgment and be critical of the majority of anything she does when just as she is about to be forgotten by the tabloid media, she ends up in some tacky boxing match or posing for pictures (no complaints there because she has a beautiful face and amazing lips, not to mention a phenomenal body after having the equivilant of baseball team with a full bullpen).

    While I have no qualms with her receipt of food stamps for the children, this is the same woman that was on social security disability prior to the octuplets, so it’s fair to question her willingness to achieve anything other than completing the various public a*sistance applications properly the first time.

    So the bottom line, while I love staring at the curves, full lips, and every other astethic the typical male is drawn to, it’d be even hotter if she had a real job

  4. Ms. Suleman I believe you Love your kids and I think you are very brave.I know sometimes you have got to just crash. I was wondering if you do have any friends that you can really turn to friends that will help you no matter what is going on in the media. One more thing It doesnt mean you dont love your kids because you use the media to get money. Do what you got to give them babies the best you can. I am here for you all the way

    • O Yea If I lived close to you I would Love to babysit for FREE I love kids and I just Think you are an awsome mom. Those kids are lucky to have a beautiful woman like you to guide them through life. I would Love to meet you and your kids.

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