Gather Together

Nadya, I am a Catholic Christian. I appreciate that you are trying to raise your children. You could have sold them in a private adoption, yet you did not. You could have aborted the number of your choice; to have a smaller size family, yet you did not. No one may approve of how you conceived or why you had even one more child as a single mother. I too, thought what is this craziness; what is she thinking.

 I still see you trying and you have not given away your children. There are days I am sure you could pull your hair out, as with most moms. I do not see how your house could ever be completely shined spotless or fully cleaned. I do not here that your children are hurt, abused, molested, hungry, drugged, or unloved. I also do not hear that you are trying to have a man in your life (I am sure that spot in your life is reserved for your children). Some will say that a man would not have her with all those children. Yes there is, a man somewhere, always willing to pay for services. I haven’t heard about you locking the children up to do service work. I think you are doing the best that you can with what you have to work with.

Let us as a community, as an imperfect people do the right thing. Not what we judge as the right thing but what would Jesus do if He walked pa*sed her house? Would he say “I just want you to know I am here with you”? If He stepped in her living room would He hold a child and kiss another? If He met her on the sidewalk with 5 loves and 2 fish would he reach out to her? Dear Fellow Catholics, please pa*s this on if you read this and see if we can gather together what help she needs. We are blessed; that God reconciles us back to himself, as we are, unworthy children yet loved beyond understanding.. Blessed Mother, please take up her cause in prayer, touch the hearts of people and help Nadya help her children. 

3 thoughts on “Gather Together

  1. I don’t have a ton of money after I pay my bills. But, isn’t there a website frequented by people who are willing to help this mother to keep her children? Never mind if having this many children was a good decision or a bad one (per our perspective), why not help a mother keep her family together, keep them all safe, and cared for by the ONE person who loves them?

    • Exactly what kind of help are you talking about, money? She won’t use the money on the kids. She spends it on herself. She’s making a nice bundle right now doing her new p**n career. And don’t worry, it would take something big, awful, and major for kids to be taken from her. You should have more concern for the kids than Nadya. Nadya ALWAYS puts Nadya first.

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