Hang in There!

I just wanted to say I hope and pray that you and your children are doing well.  I was reading how George Zimmerman got over $200,000 in donations for this legal defense fund and people dont seem to want to help you and your children.  I felt terrible when I realized that some people care more about people carrying guns than taking care of innocent children.  Hang in there and I wish you all the best in raising your family.

11 thoughts on “Hang in There!

  1. I care about taking care of innocent children, so much so that I think they should be taken away from her and given to sane, responsible parents that are not delusional and selfish. It is very selfish and irresponsible to have more kids when you already have six that you cannot afford to take care of.

    So I guess she just thinks she can sit back and have as many kids as she wants and other people have to support them? How dumb is that. The only thing dumber is people that feel sorry for her.

    Feel sorry for what? What she chose to do? If she is that stupid she is really too stupid to parent.

  2. I also care about innocent kids … I’m sure instead of asking for money if you asked for 14 responsible people to raise your kids you’d probably find willing ppl that aren’t part of the p**n industry. Sorry Nadya you have a right to live your life however you choose, but not when you are f**king up the lives of 14 kids who didn’t ask for the insanity.

  3. She is raising her children the best she knows how to instead of condemning her how about doing something to help like paying for childcare so she can get a job to support that many children

  4. Much**le she cant be that stupid shes still raising her children and at this point in their lives it would really be more stupid to remove them from her. The best solution is to help nadya not condemn her im sure shes already condemned her own decisions enough for all of us

    • I sincerely doubt that Nadya regrets anything she has done, she is too narcissistic. The only thing she regrets is the donations dried up and the public is sick of her mutilated face. When the kids finally grow up and out of her clutches, she will have no meal ticket.

  5. Well just how much help does she need? She’s been given millions in donations and blew them all…she’s gotten public a*sistance and is still getting it…she’s gotten free childcare offered to her and refused it…just what do you think she deserves? If you are not Nadya, you are the same kind of ent*tlement fool she is.

  6. I am not nadya my name is Jo! Like I said if whoever “they” are were going to protect those kids from nadya they would have already tried to take them from her. So my point being all the condemnation and judgment against nadya has only accomplished one thing….the children are suffering and will continue to suffer. I dont agree with her choices anymore than you do but I can clearly see that bashing her is not going to help those children

  7. Nadya,

    When you first had the babies I was supportive and thought that with the right creativity you would be able to do well for yourself and your children. It was clear that you had been through some things in your life, but I believed you had a clear, level-head on your shoulders and the right approach.

    Recently, I watched several interviews you did in the past year. I was very disappointed. I just don’t understand how you cannot see the many double statements you made, the contradictions, the obvious lies. You appear way more concerned with winning over the public to prove this idealology you had; that you would be embraced from the beginning and everyone would fall in love with you as they did these babies, and together we would be one big community/family. You seem obssessed with the idea, and it seems more of a priority than accepting the fact that you are NOT supporting your family.

    How can 14 children possibly get the love, affection, and attention that they need? It was heart breaking to see you pa*s out bottles with little ones two to a crib, and turn out the light as if your job was done. When do they get rocked to sleep, their hair played with, back rubs, songs sung to them, books read? To see you locking the kids in their room or them sleeping on the floor. The holes in the walls, the filth, the stench. My heart ached and I’m miles away, only experiencing it as a voyer through a screen. You birthed these babies and are right there and cannot see the hurt you are causing. What about when they are of age and want to play sports, want to be in band, have a hobby, what will you do then? What about when they need dresses and lil’ suits for special school performances or dances as they get older? Cars, college? School supplies, snack days, presents for teachers, cla*sroom parties, award ceremonies? How can you possibly afford attention to each of them? When you count them to keep track of them, you COUNT them, you don’t even call them by name, just a number! It only becomes harder! What about when they are raging hormonal teenagers?

    I am sorry for whatever you have gone through and the pain that would lead you to make such a decision, and search for love and acceptance through your children. I wish that you would seek help for yourself, so that you can be the best you can be for your little ones.

    You talk about the people who “foam at the mouth” for your children, yet you align yourself with money hungry people who are only out to exploit you and your situation. You are obviously hurt, and then are continuing being hurt by people who are using you, and you are recreating a vicious cycle. You are feeding a very huge void, that cannot be filled this way.

    Deep down you know this. You are very smart. Very manipulative. Very alone. I truly would wish you get sincere help. Why are you so afraid to let go to get better? Let those babies be some where safe and healthy while you do pull your stuff together. You really want to win people over? Make some tough decisions, put those babies first, get healthy, and bring them back into your arms. Then people will see you as a human, a loving parent. Then people will praise your efforts and rally to support you. People love the vulernable who pull themselves up.

    I wish you the best. I wish your babies more.

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