Help the family- not harm them

Extreme poverty should not be a reason to break up a family. The fact that Ms. Suleman did not know what the outcome of IVF would be or should not have attempted it is irrelevant now. We must do the right thing and offer help to the family. The best place for the children to be is with their own mother. Things will become easier when the children are school aged and Ms. Suleman should not have to make p**nographic films to support herself.

I am the mother of an 8 year old and if Nadya lived near me in Ma*sachusetts I would give the majority of my free time to helping her raise her kids. I would make dinner, feed them, babysit them. How hard would it be for someone to put down the phone to Social services and drop off a case of soup or a box of diapers? Or offer to pick up a bag of dirty clothes and wash, fold and return them. There are many retirees and widows who would be glad to help. Myself included.

Consider the dignity of the mother and the effect her making p**nographic movies will have on her children. How can we let an American woman suffer when we send food over seas? How can we turn our backs because of lack of ethics laws in “snowflake babies”? She did not implant the embryos herself and the doctor lost his license. If these kids are put in to foster homes they will be left to the decision of a judge to break up the family. Children are safest and happiest where they belong. If we can improve their safety and happiness by lending a hand…then let’s do it.

Warmest regards,

Christine Moran




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