i think you should move to Minnesota – we have lots of progressive minded people who will help you – best state for a*sistance , then u wont need to do p**n .

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  1. You are a disgrace to all moms. How dare you have 8 more children when you can’t even take care of yourself or the other children you had. These poor childrenare being treated cruelly and all you have ever done is go on TV and try to make money for yourself. You continue to say you will do anything for your children’s welfare, yet you let them live in dirty surroundings. You pay $250.00 for your hair, but yet you are claiming bankruptcy and needing to use food stamps??? You disgust me and you should be in jail. I hope you read this!

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  2. No Stay away, we have to many b*m’s from chicago her already,
    I pay way to many taxes to have even more free loaders on board

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