How high is Nadya Suleman’s hospital bill?

Exactly how much did the addition of 8 kids to the Nadya Suleman family cost?


There have been a lot of questions surrounding exactly how much it is going to cost to care for Nadya Suleman’s octuplets, and rightly so as many sources are extremely vague. The most common estimates seen range anywhere from $1.5 million all the way up to $3.0 million! Such estimates seldom cite their sources, and are often just provided to get their blog or site referenced in the press. Here at, we’ve been crunching the numbers to come up with an accurate amount that Nadya Suleman might be on the hook for once her 8 premature babies get out of intensive care and she takes them home.

Nadya Suleman’s babies were born 9 and a half weeks premature. Medical practices typically dictate that a premature baby is kept until it has reached 35 weeks of development provided that the baby can maintain its body temperature and is a minimum of five pounds. In a case like that of Nadya Suleman, having multiple babies can cause them to be under developed even when carried to term, as there is only a limited amount of development that the mother’s body can facilitate. This has led medical experts to estimate that the ocuplets will require at least 6 weeks of hospital care.

The health insurance industry estimates that the cost of care for a premature baby is at least $2000/day, with estimates ranging as high as $10,000/day depending on how early the baby was, as well as the amount of care and kind of care required.

Taking the low figure of $2000/day, multiplied by Nadya Suleman octuplets and the minimum of 6 weeks for which they will require care provides a low estimated of at least $672,000! The high end estimate is just shy of $3.4 million!

Even $672,000 is outside of what Nadya Suleman can pay, so who exactly will be stuck with this bill? Well, the taxpayers of the state of California, of course.

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6 thoughts on “How high is Nadya Suleman’s hospital bill?

  1. I live in California and that’s outrageous!!!! I can’t believe that my heard earned money will go toward paying for her careless decision. (no offense nadya)

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  2. I don’t live in California, but something tells me that not only people in the the state of California will be effected by her money situation. We are taxed way too much all across the country already!

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  3. Is Nadya paying her hospital bill and taxes on the money she ‘earns’ from the ‘opportunities’ she takes?

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  4. There is obviously a whole lot to understand about this. I think you produced some great factors in Functions also.
    Keep working , wonderful position!

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  5. The USA spends way more than that wasting endless dollars “Saving Starving Africa”, and that incidentally has NOT improved in the last 3 decades, Imagine how much money has been wasted there! And here you are cringing at helping one of your own? Those children will grow up one day, they will be American Citizens. SHAME ON YOU.

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