I wish I was half the mom you are

Just saw the interview you did with GMA and I could not believe some of the cruel comments people posted. I know mothers married with 1 child that can’t manage their kids yet you manage to take care of 14. You should not feel bad about receiving public a*sistance, I would rather you get it than some of these bankers and politicians that rob the american people blind, not to mention the billions that are thrown away and given away to people that are in this country illegially that receive free health care and housing. I commend you on the sacrifaces you have made to raise and support your children the best way you know how, it can’t be easy being in the public eye and trying to raise a family I don’t think most mothers could handle that kind  of pressure. I believe God has a plan for you Nadya, So hang in there girl,  your children should be proud to have a mom like you.

God Bless you and your family.


4 thoughts on “I wish I was half the mom you are

  1. H**lo Nadya,I was hoping I could have said How great you are doing tonight while you were on Dr.Drew’s show. I wanted to share Psalm 34 with you and also Psalm 37th verse 4.For encouragement in our daily walk with God.I wanted to apolize for those who are ugly and mean,hurtful to you.Nadya,Those kind of people, God sent his son Jesus christ,to carry the cross and shed his Blood for us all to died for our sins.Jesus went to H**l for us.So we don’t have to go there.Those mean people who know it all and want to give advice are a reflection of themselves.They are lost and blind and can not see.It was good to hear you had said you get more positive mail,and.callers.Keep up the Good work Nadya stay focus on God and always ask for help.That’s what christians are here for to be like Christ.Loving and giving.Remember Nadya, Hateful advice, does not come from God.One day Those people will finally see who the Judge is and God’s wrath.God Bless you, Love and faith,Patty

  2. Dear Nadya, AKA Octomom, You are a REALLY GOOD, LOVING MOM!!
    I was shocked at the women calling in & criticizing you on Dr. Drew tonight. I was a single mother for awhile and remember the judgements by some back then. I stayed focussed on my children and made it my priority to do the best job raising them to feel loved, have morals and be safe. Now they are teenagers and very well adjusted, happy, and successful (even more so than some of my critics children). Every time I see you, I see a mother that is WORKING EXTREMELY HARD to take care of her beautiful babies. There are MANY mothers that have fewer children that make no or very little effort for their children. More than a few moms are addicted to prescription drugs, neglecting their children and cashing their food stamps in for drugs. I really thought people would stop being so judgemental of you after seeing what kind of mother Ca*sie A. was with her one child. Some judge what they do not understand. Also, just because some criticize you, it does not mean they are better mothers than you! Do not waste your time explaining or defending yourself to them. It is irrelevant how your children arrived. The point is they are here, and you have stepped up and are clearly dedicating your life to raising them. No other person could care for them or love them more than you. These days will turn into years and go by so quickly. Then you’ll miss them all wanting your attention. Enjoy the moments and keep playing with your children!! Maybe you can write a great book on organization with children some day. Please know you have support out there. There are many of us that think your are an OUTSTANDING DEDICATED MOTHER!! God bless you and your children.
    P.S. My tax money pays for welfare and I would love it to go to you, because I know you would be using it for your children.

  3. Well that’s great Jennifer, why don’t we all have 14 kids we can’t afford and all go on welfare, that is such an awesome mentality, yea, that makes her a great mom, and a great person.

    No Jennifer, that makes her incredibly selfish, immoral, and most of all, irresponsible.

    Those kids should be removed from her. There should be a limit. One kid on welfare, okay, it happens. Two kids while you are on welfare, there should be some pressure. Three, that is the max. Keep having kids while on welfare, and they should be removed and given to someone more responsible.

    It wasn’t exactly an accident. The idiot chose to have more kids on top of the six she already had that she couldn’t afford.

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