If you love…

Please give your children up for adoption, give them a chance to be brought up with ethics and not liars who manipulate the system.  Do you want them to hate you as much as everyone else hates you?  The only person who is hated more than you is Casey Anthony.  Also everytime you come out in the news you are not doing yourself any favors, you come across worse and worse every time.  If you loved your kids  please give them up and please go away.

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  1. Stop trying to fool yourself. You need to be honest with yourself and with God… You cannot take care of those kids by yourself. If you had the money for a haircut, than that money should have gone towards your mortgage. You should be ashamed of yourself. The only one you are fooling is yourself. Bother way, I seen your interview with the spray painted house. How safe is a home with spray paint readily available for small kids to spray paint the house with? Not only can you not do this you are lying to yourself about a lot….

  2. Nadya is doing a wonderful job raising fourteen children. I don’t believe in this day and age most families should have more than two or three children. There are a lot of shows on TLC that glorify the making of many children. These families rely on TLC to give them the monies to take care of their children. There are to name a few: the Bates, the Duggars, the Dargers, Jon and Kate plus eight, the first Hispanic couple to have s*xtuplets, the show about twelve children in New Jersey who had six kids before they added s*xtuplets on a cop’s salary and one of the s*xtuplets has cerebral palsy, then there were at least two other families with s*xtuplets and in one of the families their marriage ended in divorce, then there are the Browns who now have 17 children along with four wives, there is the show 16 and pregnant in which these girls become reality stars because they are pregnant teens, and the list goes on. And each one of these families are supported in large part by TLC. In addition to an idiot who made thirty kids by eleven different women and has spent most of his life in jail and wants the taxpayers to take care of his offspring. Most recently there was a documentary about a White middle cla*s man who made it through college by donating his sperm on a regular basis and he believes he has fathered about 130 kids although he is only aware of 70 kids and met two of the kids he fathered, for a one day outing, never to be seen again. And this reckless monitoring of sperm donors will at some point cause inbreeding. And as long as the recipients of these sperm donors can stay employable then their fine. If they ever get affected by this recession they cannot get child support. Nadya produced 14 offspring these sperm donors produce on average 70 offspring. They are both wrong. Her kids are well fed, eat well balanced meals, are bathed regularly, have plenty of toys to play with so they are properly stimulated, receive home cooked meals based on the food pyramid, are disciplined using the time out system and positive reinforcement, attend school, attend a Christan school for their religious as well as academic studies, are very well behaved, the babies are developing well and are meeting their developmental milestones, she does not force the older children to do all the childcare and give them excessive chores, there are no bruising on the children or it would be seen in the photo by the pool, birthdays and Christmas is celebrated, her children are not neglected in any way, and the bottom line they are: LOVED & HAPPY.

    • Get off the computer and take care of your kids Nadya. Let Aiden out of his room, take the chair off the babies’ door, and be a fricken mom.

    • And I bet it burns you up, Nadya, that TLC didn’t want you for a reality show. You posted all over the Duggar forums under MsSarcia (yet another one of your aliases) hateful comments about them.

    • the difference between Octonut and the duggers…. a 2 parent household who support themselves by WORKING and not living off the government.

  3. Nadya is doing the best she can considering the situation she put herself and fourteen kids in. If she is making money in the p**n industry to support her kids then that is a much wiser move then expecting celebrities to take care of these children. There are millions of people in the adult s*x industry and they also have families. It is not illegal. If she has to suffer some humiliation in order to proved the basics for her children then that is what she will have to do. Her kids are well fed clothed and not neglected. CPS came to the conclusion after a through investigation that the allegations made by this hairdresser were unfounded. I would go crazy if i was in her situation. So as long as the children are being taken care of and their basic needs met then they need to be left alone. And my prayers go out to her and her family to remain strong and pray about everything and worry about nothing.

    • Imani/Nadya, still in your dream world I see. You are an unfit parent. You need psychiatric help for your Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Your kids are being brought up in a disorderly fashion. You do not cook healthy well balanced meals. You spend your money on yourself and not on the kids. Your housekeeping is a disgrace. You expect a free home and people to donate their money to you. You expect the government to feed your kids and you leach off the system as much as you can. You are an incredibly selfish person and you should be ashamed. God help those innocent children.

  4. I honestly have to say I’m madly in love with you your a strong woman doing what ever it takes to take care of your kiddos and your are absolutely an amazingly beautiful woman

  5. Yeah, Funny how all your supporters have no money to give you Nadya. I have money. You will get none of it. I have three children, one who is 21 and two eight year old twins. They have a very fulfilling life filled with love, discipline, education,culture and world travel. What do you offer your children? Will they all earn scholarships or will you be stripping and doing p**n when you are 50? You are quite possibly the most selfish and pathetic human being I have never met.(and do not care to.)

  6. You judgemental people should get a life. The woman is doing the best she can. If you can’t say anything to encourage her you should just shut up. How would you like to walk in her shoes for just one day? She made a choice; now she’s living with it. Is that not enough for you? She’s paying the piper now; she’s totally overwhelmed. Could you do a better job with 8 babies and 6 other children to care for 24/7 with no husband to help you or support you? It’s a comfort and joy for me to know I have a loving husband to help me raise our 13 year old (two other daughters are grown). Nayda has no one! The choice she made is hers. She has that right no matter what you may think of it. She’s admitted that in hinds sight she would not do it and regrets that she did, but she is still caring for her children and doing the best she can with what she has. How about a little empathy & prayers for her and her beautiful children instead of all this pious judging? I don’t see her judging you or sticking her nose in your business. Leave the woman and her kids alone. I was hoping she’d get a reality show to help her finances. I personally would love to see her get one. Maybe it would discourage other women from having “litters” after they see how it would be in the real world as Nayda now does. She’s a very intelligent young woman with an higher education than most in a very sophisticated field; she just (as she admits) made a bad choice and she regrets that choice although I feel she loves her children. Now let’s just leave her alone. To the networks: I hope one of you would try giving her a reality show; I’d watch it. So would a lot of other curious people whether thy admit it or not.

    • Just which of her unending bad choices would you be referring to? Or do you think the right choice for a “highly educated” (community college – BFD) intelligence is to make rubup p**n that no one but bulenmics will watch.

      BOTTOM LINE: Skidmark already HAS her own reality show that she put up herself on line. And nobody watches that.

      If you ever wanted to convince the networks as to just why they wouldn’t want to waste their time and money on an exceptionally boring sociopath, five minutes of that profoundly unwatchable egofest would do it.

      Just what kind of world would want to watch a show about a woman who neglects 14 trapped kids for whom she has provided nothing but squalor while squandering all her time
      and money on obsessive delusion?

  7. if you all cared you’d give her a charirtable donation to help her raise her kids you disgusting wicked b***hes instead of telling her to give them up you f**king disgusting w***es how dare you recommend that give her money instead you f**king stinking b***hes and shut your f**king b***hing holes you f**king ugly minded moles
    what would it matter we give money to all sorts of needy people you f**king c**ts

    • Calm down there, Tonto. You are perfectly welcome to send her your paychecks. She will happily spend them on more shopping trips, expensive makeup, designer sungla*ses, and Yogurtland. Don’t think for a minute she will spend it on the kids, rent, or bills. That’s for the little people.

  8. It is so sad to see people so hateful. I don’t agree with the choices she makes but CPS found her to be taking care of her children. I only have 2 children and it’s hard enough to get by. She is doing the best she can with what she has. Granted she does do things that maybe she can’t afford but she’s still caring for her children. What does it say for you that you came on her fansite just to trash her? Maybe those of you who have nothing better to do than hate someone you don’t even know should look at yourselves before you go pointing fingers.

  9. Gina, you really think this spin cycle site is going to bring you a fan base and big bucks? If you put up a site counting the number of people willing to watch paint dry you’d be pulling in a lot more hits.

    It’s become a waste of time to comment on these sites. The thing about this skidmarks delusions is that they are the exact same fantasies spewing out her mouth unchanged now for three years. All bulzhit. All the time.
    And all completely at odds with everything we all witness her doing. Then she gets on the comments herself and pretends that she has some sort of following. Including sending birthday greetings to herself. How FUBAR is that?

    And she is always, always SO dull. who else could make even p**n so boring. And that horrible braying voice. Ick.

    So, Gina, maybe the only interesting thing would be for you to explain why you would put your own money and time into trying to make someone everyone has rejected as so toxic. Or you could explain what positive things there PROVABLY are about someone so destructively inept that has absolutely zero credibility.
    I’m kind of curious as to what could make you think there are guys anywhere who would ever find skanked-out middle aged saggy welfare mother of 14 anything they’d ever in a million years want to spend a daydream on. In an online world where fresh young hotties are spread out by the thousands.
    Considering the entire number of people who even bother to pay attention to her — and that is only for the sake of her kids — is only a couple of hundred tops and none of those people are ever going to be sending her any more haircut money, why even bother.

    One reason to stop commenting on these sites is that narcissists crave attention It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. Why give this trashbag any of your time?
    If you are wasting your time on this, you aren’t doing any of the things that you like in your life.

    Only CPS can help her kids. The faster you get her off the radar, the faster one way or another they will move in and do that. She’s on CPS’s very last nerve already and she can’t screw the government out of any more cash. She is going to be spending her lifetime being audited more and more for every dollar the longer we are living in an economy that can no longer afford to sh**l out to people like her. If you think she has it hard now, then just wonder how much she has screwed herself over five ten fifteen years down the line.

    And Gina, you might want to think about how she has brought way more problems than profit to anyone who has tried to cash in on her. She is living proof of the limits of what people want to put up with. On the other hand, Gina, you sound like such a swell person maybe this is how you should be spending your money. Who better to lose it? Or do you want to be around holding the bag on the day one of these kids gets hurt or killed and that is what will be the only change you’ll ever see in this mess.
    If you really want to make some money start compiling what is true and not yet known about this sociopath’s neglect of her kids and the extent of her mental illness and publicize that. There is much more of a market for not asking for handouts and really helping 14 kids than peddling spin for that same old unsaleable overstuffed trashbag.

  10. Nadya, you looked like a complete idiot when you were on Dr. Drew. You seemed dissappointed that he only gave you “Help” instead of “Money”. Is that why you are doing p**n now? Just remember that when your children are grown up, they WILL see all the stupid c**p that you have done.

  11. Well the only thing that i can say is all the people on here hating her for who she is seems to know a lot about her so in all reality you have made her your world. i mean i have heard of her and the things thats been said about her but its not my place to judge. the only one that can judge anyone is GOD himself so why dont yall run off and leaver her alone if she is doing bad then karma will come back to her if not then well..she will prove everyone wrong.

    Life is to short to sit here on the computer and hate someone you dont even know, please forgive yourself and ask GOD for forgiveness and leave this woman alone.

  12. Oh STFU. You are judging us who judge her, so who is judging who? And why are you on this site? Are you obsessed with making her a saint or what? Maybe you should get off the computer and not worry about it.

  13. LMAO you are just to funny. im not judging you are anyone else. i just think that there is better stuff to do than bash on people. no im not trying to make her a saint just simply saying that karma will come around if she has done wrong. and i was on this site because i had read sometihing about her and was just looking around and stumbled on the site. i bet this site is on your favorits list LMAO

  14. IF karma comes around?
    You don’t think riding off into the sunset on Howard Stern’s Sybian isn’t karma?
    Or how about having a nice big chunk of the internet chatting about how she spread out her inept hedge trimming for all to see.
    For any other woman on the planet that level of self-degradation is found only in nightmares.

    If you are in the right about this gina/angela, how come you have to put up your own bogus responses? Do you see anyone at all supporting you? Really?
    Women detest her and men degrade her– both with her obvious participation in making that happen. It’s not going to ever change. Why should it?
    I hope you enjoy being her advocate, Gina. You are going to have that charmer on your hands for a very long time. And probably not making more than if you went out and collected bottle deposits for the effort.
    That’s going to be YOUR karma, Gina.
    What were you thinking? it’s not like there was this misunderstood sweetie that had been harshly judged.
    You are fronting for someone who has for 3 years never bothered to show any significant involvement with her children because she has spent ALL that time and fortune on herself.

    Finding an orange action-figure lobotomized client of yours –whose career you have obviously now ruined – to front any sort of intimacy is about as believable as her being an expert in child-care. LOL as Team Nadya would say.
    Church? Oh, honey just name the church and the congregation. You do know she already cried church once before, don’t you? They interviewed the church goers who promptly said she’s not a member and we don’t want any part of this.

    And what it reflects on Gina is your own business credibility. Is it beginning to sink in that she is toxic and now you are too? You are toast. Done done done. And now about to be over. And you must know it.
    Is that why you have been in such a delightful mood when you get to have your crumb of gossip attention?
    But then again you all sound like you so deserve each other and will all be circling the same drain.
    Thank you for giving the world a free version of a bad Steven King story too badly real to be fictionalized. Too bad you had to ruin the lives of 14 little kids to do that.
    Karma is as karma does, dear.
    Especially around iphones.

  15. I dont really care if anyone supports me or her for that matter like i said before there is no reason to give this lady the satifaction of talking about her so there is really no point in on bashing her its not like she was famous before she is only famous now because we as people made her famous. Bash on other people that are famous is one thing because most of them are role modles. this lady was not one to begin with its not like we even new who she was before she was pregnant with 8 babies. she was just a regular mom before, now i dont know if she is a good parent or not. I do how ever think it was wrong for her to have babies without a spouse because she already had kids, but thats not my place to judge her for it. well i hope that everyone that has sat here and read what i have to say has a wonderful night and a great life its not worth me being here and be hated by people who dont even know me.

  16. Maybe you should research what you write.

    Nadya Suleman was no “regular mom” Not ever.
    In fact she stayed away from her 6 kids as much as possible. They were all being raised by their overwhelmed overworked grandmother who Nadya Suleman has consistently disrespected and publicly abused for all that time, And this is still the case
    And all were/are on welfare. The last 3 of the 6 have variously severe LIFETIME developmental problems possibly because she kept having babies back to back.
    Then she went and had 12 live fresh fertilized embryos implanted into herself at one time. The normal surgical standard for women her age is TWO.. Horribly endangering all the babies and herself.

    And with no financial prospects of how to support them at all. She didn’t even plan cribs and diapers for them . Or even any sort of a place to live for them. The hospital would not even discharge them until she came up with adequate shelter and resources for them. She counted on the public sh**ling out to her. And she got a couple of million in donations. And threw the nurses who reported her neglecting the kids right out of her house

    in 3 years she has squandered that all without even paying for that house when she clearly had the money to do that outright. So why should we feel any kind of pity . How much has the public donated to your being a normal mom?.

    If you want to whine about the focus being poor Little Nadya so cruelly mistreated— as you usually do when you are giving yourself away Nadya –then why aren’t you showing any concern for how she has neglected and not bothered to nurture the 14 kids she whelped and walked away from?

    That is no “regular mom”. That is a severely disturbed sociopath whose children will have stunted lifetimes because of her selfishly irresponsible delusions. She is so far away from any of her own perspective that when she attempts to make her fantasies real, all she does is fail so miserably and ludicrously that she degrades herself more than anyone on any blog could ever manage.
    You think a blog post is degrading? Try riding the sybian for Howard Stern as the ultimate roll in the gutter . And she is deliriously happy to do it.
    Why don’t you tell us how you’d feel doing that if you’re a normal mom?
    Honored, self-fulfilled?

    It is not possible to insult Nadya Suleman anywhere near as much as she denigrates her own self.
    Nadya Suleman simply does not comprehend the concept of mom and p**nstar do not go together EVER.
    if they did someone else would have already done it. Now all she has done is proven why they don’t and never will.
    It is just way too twisted for most people to handle and for just about every guy a spontaneous wilter. And she is way too old, way too surgically mutilated and way too crazy-eyed homely in an industry that has young hotties spread out all over it frolicing for free.

    All she has done is managed to dig herself a deeper hole that no one is going to want to be willing to help her out of . As soon as Gina has extracted her last dollar from the slim pickings, that will be it.
    All she has left is p**n conventions and live web-cams.
    She could probably have made more money being a traffic -crossing guard.

    And by September this normal foreclosed mom is going to have to come up with housing and and a schooling plan for a whole lot of kids she has not been around to nurture.
    I’m sure this sudden interest in church is to go and milk whatever congregation she is aiming to be her next mark. Boy,is she ever barking up the wrong tree.

    • Your just a sad excuse for a woman!!!!!!!! I wonder how good of a mother you i guess your f***ing perfect huh?? I bet if you have kids or if your around kids i bet they hate you!!!!!!

  17. While I’m sure all you lives are perfect. Some of you have no shame. P**n stars hae been around for ever. They have kids husbands wives families. What is sad the more your right negative comments about her. Your not only insuliting her but also her children. She loves and takes care of her children. She doesnt walk into your home and tell you how to raise your kids and where to work. I think she’s doing great and I’m not going to tear down another woman, because her views or her lifestyle is different then mine. Your kids will read this is this how you want them to act. None of us know her really. We only know what tablloids and media post. Your guys are realy sad

  18. Iman you dont place your children in a church school and then run off and do p**nos to support them. As a believer in Christ you have to be the example for your children. You are either for God or against Him, Sounds like nadya needs to completely surrender her heart and life to God and allow Him to be her Provider.

  19. Christina really? Of course she doesnt walk into our homes and tell us how to raise our children? Why? Because we are not holding out our hands to nadya asking her to help us financially to take care of our children. Her choices and her choices alone have landed her and 14 innocent children into the public eye. Yes the doctor who did this was negligent but nadya was irresponsible. Her parents are to blame too for being enablers!! The whole thing is a mess, nadya needs to surrender her life to God and let Him be her provider. She is clearly out of Gods will for her life by making p**n and posing for half nude photos that kind of stuff grieves God and this is not the life he has for nadya.

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