Ignore the Haters

I was particularly incensed at how you were treated by Suze Orman on Oprah’s show.  Some help.  Getting you to acknowledge you’re having problems paying bills!  That wasn’t a hand up – which either woman could have given you with very strict terms – instead a slap in the face.  Shame on both women.


If I didn’t have so many of my own financial problems, I would find a way to give you gainful employment working out of the home.


It is very disappointing that p**n is the only direction you could find to feed yourself and your kids.  I’m sure there’s another way.  Perhaps a music store or celebrity could donate musical instruments and you can create a band.  The music would also help the children not be so rambuctious.

Good luck to you and your beautiful children.  Resist all attempts to have your children removed from your care.  They must stay together.

18 thoughts on “Ignore the Haters

  1. I’ll be the first to admit that I thought having all those children was nuts. When I heard the claims of “no government benefits” I thought, “How will that even be possible??”

    But that being said, I really think people should have a little more compa*sion. No one has the “plan” of going on government a*sistance. But sometimes you may make a bad judgement decision and be in a situation that you didn’t realize would happen.

    Regardless of whether we all think she’s right or wrong for having all those children, that doesn’t matter. The children are all here and need to be taken care of and loved. A “normal” job will not provide enough income to pay for daycare let alone pay the bills. It’s a shame that she has so few options available to her right now. I’m not in a position to help but her and her children will continue to be in my prayers.

  2. It ia amazing the amount of critisim that happens. Actual I’m impressed with her website thatr she has . The talk shows that she does ext. I mean how does she pay her bills? Hey how do you think. I mean she gets paid when she does a show I am sure and then she is going to strip. I wish I looked as good as she does. You go girl! I mean if you got it flaunt it. I happen to like children myself. You know if ever you need a babysitter look me up. Kids rock!. You are doing an exceptional job keeping it together and still managing to look like a million bucks at the same time to. You know one way to make money on the internet is a company called greased lightning.com or universal-online services/greasedlightning. Anyway the way it works is you become an independant contractor when you purchase either a Partner license or a master license and what that lets you do is sell internet services. The company does all the work for you including a free website. All you have to do is put it on search engines. Anyway I just thoght I would pa*s that along for you. Happy belated mothers day.

  3. I hate to be brash but are you f^#*$#@ serious?! In what way is she doing and “exceptional job”? No offense but a) it is irrelevant how good (or bad) she looks when she is doing far from exceptionally and b) have you not seen even her own statements? “Sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom for HOURS, its the only way to get any quiet.” Uhm yea, that makes sense considering she has 14 kids but those kids didn’t ask to be born to a lunatic and she wanted them so badly now she either needs to put on her big girl panties and do what needs to be done herself or accept the fact that she CAN’T do it all herself and get some help, like serious help. Suze Orman was right. And really, a band? She is going crazy trying to get all the kids fed and clothed in a days time let alone a*semble a band. Sorry if this came off way rude but seriously, how does anyone have any sympathy for her or cheer her on? Those poor kids are living a less than adequate life because she imagined how perfect (clearly crazy long before 14 kids) having 8 more babies would be. I don’t care how you look at it, for someone to rationalize doing that without seeing the harm initially, that makes you insane.

  4. It’s really amusing that Natalie Doud Gutierrez still thinks that anyone with more than two brain cells can’t have figured out that she and her publicist are writing all these fake supportive letters.

    There is simply no such thing as a Nadya Suleman supporter. No one alive will support the action of someone who has harmed children. That’s the bottom line, Natalie. You can’t squeal and bray any more excuses to get yourself out of it that anyone will believe. That’s the true cost of your brilliant masturbation video idea. Not to mention the diaper dominatrix thingie.

    Team Nadya is literally Octomaim’s right and left hands pounding away at being MsSarcia, Kimba and god no knows how may others she’s tweaking away at being. Oh, and Carlene who must be one really messed up piece of desperate work to try and hang on to this monster for her fame fix. Jeez.

    If there were supporters, well then, why aren’t they supporting her? All those hundreds of thousands of dollars in infant donations now seen by everyone to have been squandered on total c**p and cosmetic surgery. Like there is going to be more of that in the future, right?

    What really happened is that Octomaim so ineffectually tried to megaspam retaliate against Susan Orman. Who checked in to and beyond any doubt made sure Oprah knew where the money was being squandered. And Oprah, of course, turned off the tap.

    And after Octomom’s crash and burn spam the comments campaign, you can be that that’s one permanently dry tap. All Oprah’s staff have to do is make one little call and unless it’s p**n it’s gone.

    All Octomom’s actions highlight her incrementally horrendous judgement and destructive behavior. And the house is a prime visual example of what she is capable, and even more, not capable of.

    No one is going to make a celebrity out of a seriously mentally ill sociopath who neglects 14 children to concentrate her money on her delusions. No one is going to provide housing to anyone who has now destroyed two houses in six years. And walked away from paying for BOTH of them.

    And June 19th is one week away and counting.

  5. Nadya, when the p**n industry flushes you out…what is next? Are you going to hang out in Long Beach and wait for the 7th fleet to return to port? Just remember that drunken sailors don’t have much cash, so your’re gonna have to boink at least 30 sailors a day to pay your bills. Anchors Away!

  6. Nadya needs to give up the kids for adoption. they will have a better quality of life in the long run being out of Mommie’s Circus life. think about it, what kind of future is in sight for those kids?

  7. Considering more than $2 million has gone through her hands, not counting the items she received, as well as offers of work (Vivid offers her $1,000 per day to be a production a*sistant, all her clothes on, and Dr. Drew offered her a training program to be a personal trainer), this is all her fault. And as for how you don’t plan to go on welfare? Hate to break it to a bunch of you, but you do know she was getting government money for the six she had when she went off and got pregnant again, right? If she could’t support six, how the h**l do you think she planned to support more?

    And the idea of donating instruments so she can start a band and make money is just plain laughable. If it was that easy, then all those bands plain gin garages, people with talent they’ve been improving for years, would all be making money. Nadya has no sense of rhythm, and if she doesn’t have that, then I can guarantee you she has no shot as a music career. Since she’s been wanting to have a singing career, I do suspect these support letters are from Nadya and the only two friends she has in the world.

  8. What would we have this woman/mother do? Now that it’s all said and done; what do you want to see happen? The children are HERE and now; how is she supposed to support them; what would you suggest?

  9. You know I have not been one of those ppl that hated Nadya. I actually hoped for the best for her and her kids. I believe everyone deserves a chance. That said, though I don’t think Nadya has anything to prove to any of us, it is to her kids she owes that debt since she was adamant on having and keeping them. Her children certainly deserve better than a p**n/s******r mom, where we see the next level of insanity playing itself out with Octomommy p**n, spanking men dressed as children (and is it true this was filmed in your home???), throwing on s**t dresses, exposing and pleasing herself publicly, dating men for money. Say what you will, justify it as you want, these are not the actions of a good mother who cares about her kids. I don’t understand why you did not pursue finishing your book. It seems you decided to take the easy way out, and launch a music career through doing pics and a p**n movie first to generate interest. You have a son who is already 10 and a daughter who is 9 years old. Do you have any idea how embarra*sed they must be. I don’t have any idea what it is like to be you and I hope you can live with the damaged lives you are creating. You should do the right thing, which is what should have happened at the start and give your children to loving homes, who can provide your children with respect and safe environments. You have made a joke and mockery out of motherhood, and are using your kids to propel your p**n career. I personally can’t think of anything more humiliating for them or disgusting. You have now become that cartoon version of yourself. You are morally bankrupt and think doing some s*x movies will help you launch an acting or singing career. I believe you have no business raising children.

  10. And also if you tried living like the majority of mothers struggling to raise their kids you would downsize your expenses by sending your kids to public schools, moving to a cheaper home, and investigate ways to have a regular payck instead of booking lowcla*s fighting gigs at hollywood hotspots, to further propel you in the spotlight, or do p**n movies which you aren’t getting money for. So if you aren’t getting money from it Nadya, then it must have been about YOU launching a career, and not about feeding your kids, otherwise you would have made d**n sure when you did it you were getting money NOW.

  11. And what did any of you gain by bashing nadya once again. Instead of bashing her and her choices rise above yourselves and do something to help those children with rhe same selfless love you want nadya to have

    • Get off the computer, Nadya, and start packing up to leave that house you’ve been squatting in. And real props for putting your poor autistic son in front of a camera while he is crying and upset. Every time I think you can sink no lower, you do. I look forward to the time when your kids are grown and can escape you. Maybe then you will get a real job and get some psychiatric help.

  12. Sorry to burst your a*sumption bubble but I am not nadya. I have never met or talked with her personally and I, like you have our opinions based on what we hear her say on different media sites. I dont like it anymore than you do. The kids are here to stay, CPS has not removed those children from her and she is still caring for them. So instead of bashing her lets all pray for her to make the right choices

    • Maybe they haven’t been taken away, but you can bet CPS is watching. If she is such a perfect, selfless mother, Jo, why would CPS have been called on her so many times? And are you sending her donations? If not then stop telling us to kiss Nadya’s lazy b**t. We don’t owe her a thing.

  13. No i am not sending her donations because I dont think its right to support a persons bad choices. But if I did live near her I would donate my time to help her. I am not telling you to kiss her behind. What I am saying is this…bashing her is non-productive to her and to her children.

    • I pray for those poor kids. They are the real tragedy here. Nadya is mentally ill and beyond redemption. Do some research on Nadya, Jo. She’s a pathological liar and a narcissist. This is not rumor, it is fact. Look on nadyasuleman.net and the site IVF,LIES, and VIDEOTAPE.com. Then tell us what a great mom and human she is.

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