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Hi Nadya,

I was thinking of sharing that if you lived in the Philippines, your USD500,000 could support your entire family and afford the following:

Cook 1          5,000.00
Helper 1          5,000.00
Helper 2          5,000.00
Nanny 1          5,000.00
Nanny 2          5,000.00
Nanny 3          5,000.00
Nanny 4          5,000.00
Nanny 5          5,000.00
Nanny 6          5,000.00
Nanny 7          5,000.00
Nanny 8          5,000.00
Electricty         30,000.00
Rent         70,000.00
Groceries         30,000.00
Car         20,000.00
Laundry         10,000.00
Misc         40,000.00
Health Ins. (whole family of 14)         21,000.00
Driver         13,000.00
Pesos  21,500,000.00
Months 74.39446367
Years 6.199538639

Basically you would be able to have a full staff, home car, driver, health insurance for all, and above all peace.

Honestly, I lived at the States and its very difficult there. I have three kids and I live in peace because i have a staff of 2 nannies, 2 helpers, 1 driver, and 1 cook.

If you come and live in the Philippines, you and your children will have a better life.

That’s all…


Hope this helps!

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