Letter to Octomom | Subject: God Bless you and your fourteen children!

OMG!!! How old are these ladies leaving these childish remarks! Do these ladies have children if so they need to sit back shut up and pay attention what if someone had thrown a ca**eat at their vehicle and damaged it how would they react to that..I am a mother and if someone had done that to me i would be filing charges against the idiot that threw the ca**eat at my vehicle. You would pay for your stupidity !!!!!!!!!!! You ,you the idot that threw the ca**eat at NADYAS mini van you need pyschiatric help you are a sick indivdual. What would you do ,how would you feel right now knowing you struck one of Nadyas children. What about all of the women out their having baies while on drugs and leaving them in the cold by theirselves… Thats something to talk about thats who you need to throw a ca**eat at.. Oh yeah you forgot about all of those sorry mothers ,because you were to busy worrying about what Nadya was doing. Check into all of those drug mothers and out of Nadyas life.

This was in response to the ca**eat thrown at minivan article


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