Letter to Octomom | Subject: how to contact Nadyia

I like Nadyia Suleman: Did I spell her name correctly.? I think she has been put through h**l in the press and don think she has been treated fairly in the press.She seems quite intelligent and should be left alone to raise her children. I just would like to know how to contact her as I have a couple of questions and would like her advice on a personal matter involving my daughter who is 45 and childless. I think Nadyia would be quite helpful in starting her own advice column for childless women like how can single women adopt a child. Rosie O’donnell did it, but how? Here in Illinois the catholics control the adoption. If you are not married, forget it.Can someone tell me how to reach Nadyia? Thanks.Mary Jensen

4 thoughts on “Letter to Octomom | Subject: how to contact Nadyia

  1. I don’t know what you are going through, or why you chose to have so many children. I don’t know how you do it. I wanted to give each of my 4 children my love and attention . I was a single parent. There is no way in h**l you can give 14 children the love n attention they need. Please don’t have anymore.

  2. Hi nadya if u ever need me iI am here for you I love you like a sister I will babysit cook and clean for you for free so contact me if u need free help in that way love kelley

  3. Nadya,
    write me asap = I want to help you save your house – we need to take action before you are evicted.

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