Man Claiming to be OctoDad Father of OctoMoms Children

This guy appeared outside of Nadya Suleman’s home dressed in all black, a trench coat, sungla*ses, hat, a turkey baster, and three test tubes containing an unknown light liquid…

Is this crazy guy the real OctoDad of Nadya Sulemans Kids?


The story has been solved – this guy is actually a rapper called “Smooth E” trying to promote one of his songs about Nadya Suleman “OctoMom” and her 14 kids.

Is this guy crazy or what?  I’m so sick of seeing people try to get in with the media to promote themselves.

Who is the father of OctoMom’s Kids?

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13 thoughts on “Man Claiming to be OctoDad Father of OctoMoms Children

  1. Rediculous! People are so pathetic! I think it’s time for a Nadya Suleman Octomom reality show, it will feed the countries curiousity about her and give her the money she needs to raise those 14 kids….”Octomom plus 14″

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  2. heard the puppy mill had 16 more frozen embro’s and wonder how soon she plans on having her next litter.

    people need to ignore her, quit watching shows that talk about the puppu mill and we won’t have to hear anymore about her

    dr phil and the insider are two tv shows that i will never watch again. let dr phil support her since he is the one always beggging for donations for her. i will donate to anyone other than this loose cannon. i will not support a company that gives to her and there are ton’s of people that feel the same way.

    lett social services take all 14 kids and put them with people that will give those kids a good upbringing and put the pyscho puppy breader in the psy ward where she belongs

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  3. i think your are bless because you know some people cant have that many kids noone should say anything
    about it. those pritty babies blong to you and your man
    i think you are cool well i have to go bey octomom i love you see you latter

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  4. woof woof i wanna get money for having my puppies – why dont they give me a new house woof woof –

    i ahv another 27 frozen puppies and im going to implant them all cause i really only want 1 puppy woof woof wooof – ocotomom is a wooof wooof wooof

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  5. I agree with ‘Greeneyes’ people need to STOP supporting her. It’s sending the wrong message to other people – mentally unstable or not – around the world. She is obviously a fame seeker at the cost of the children. There are plenty of large families in this world supporting their own, and only having kids they can love and afford on their own. If she can afford to pay for IVF, she can pay her own way in the world. She should have saved that money she spent on IVF for these 8 and cared for the 6 (too many) she already had!! I will pray for those 14 children but will not support her or the companies that ‘hand out’ to her. She needs to get a job and deal with this mess she has created.

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  6. Go Nadya…I think all 14 of your children were a God send. If the Lord didn’t trust you with these children, he never would have allowed you to become pregnant. Your body would have rejected those embryos. Keep your eyes on Jesus and don’t pay any attention to what the other freaks are saying. It doesn’t matter what they say….everyone will answer to God Almighty one day soon. Come Lord come.

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  7. Nadya you are a completely stupid insane woman. You couldnt even track of the six kids that you had and now you went and added more!!! What were you thinking. You have no job, no source of income to provide for your childern, husband to help with the kids, or the support that you are gonna need. I am absolutely infuriated that you expect the hard working tax payers that are already struggling to financially support your childern and you. From everything that i have heard you are so selfish and uncaring about your childern that you care more for yourself. You are using these poor babies to get money from others. Stand up and take resposibility for your ridiculous niave stupid decisions and try to provide for your own family like the rest of us hard working mothers and fathers do and teach your children that you are better than what they are going to hear about you when they grow up .

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  8. I agree with angela. they were heaven sent. and she is not insane VALORIE

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  9. Um, can anyone clue the “Jeebus freaks” onto the fact that Nadya isn’t a Christian? While I believe all of the children are beautiful, wonderful “blessings,” Nadya only sees them as $$$$$$. Gosh, people can be so silly.

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  10. It’s quite obvious that some people would do and say anything to get their 15 minutes of fame. Well, Smooth E, you got your 15 minutes. Now kindly get a life and promote your music like other famous artist do…..get a radio station to play it.

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  11. Could you please translate your site into German since I’m not very comfortable reading it in English? I’m getting tired of using Google Translate all the time, there is a cool WordPress plugin called like global translator which will render all your articles by default- this will make reading articleson your sweet blog even more comfortable. Cheers mate, Hedy Tanh!

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  12. Don’t worry, you don’t sound like a total racist asoshle. You just sound semi-quasi-racist, d*****g. Don’t whip out the I voted for Obama card either. F**king moron!BTW, I really hope you weren’t asking how many white people have illegitimate kids

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