Mothers day wishes

Dear Nadya,i saw this website that you have and want to wish you a very happy Mothers day.Hope that your many many fans were able to send you their shere of presents too.i’d also like to know how i can get the picture of you that was recently released in one of the magazines (possibly autographed of coa**e)as well as any of your other pictures.please send an e-mail to [email protected] and let me know all the details.thanks so much and may god continue to watch over you and your kids.always,Greg

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  1. The fact that the bankruptcy pet*tion was not filed by the cut off date, shows that Nadia once again is not taking this situation seriously. Your home is your major a*set. In addition it is the responsibility of parents to adequately provide for the children they bring into this world. Parents are obligated to: provide food, clothing, shelter and an education. These are the very basics. Most parents go well beyond these duties. At this point these children need a child advocate in place to protect their interests. She should be in family court explaining to a judge how she is going to provide for her family. And if she cannot do so, then these kids need to be removed and placed with families, who can adequately provide for their basic needs. Once she gets her life and finances in order, then she can pet*tion the court to address the custody issues and what will be in the best interest of these kids. I think that if her kids are removed due to neglect on Nadya’s part, she should be required to show the court improvement in the following areas: completion of a financial management course, finding a suitable place for the kids to live, being able to address the needs of her disabled children, parenting cla*ses, attending weekly psychotherapy sessions, having scheduled visitations with her children; while they are in placement and keeping up with those visitations, getting a job; that does not include p**nography or a masturbation video. It is not about Nadya and her needs and wants. It is about the lives of fourteen children, some of whom are seriously disabled.

  2. Imani…I’m curious. Do you have children? If so, have you ever lost them, regardless of how hard you work to provide? You have no right to sit here and judge this woman. You do not know anything obviously. She has never had a substantiated case through family and children services. As a matter of fact, the department went on record saying that even though they have received thousands of reports, there has NEVER been proof during their investigations of any neglect or wrong doing. It was stated that her children are happy and well balanced (per Se). She did have an on-going case in the beginning after the birth of her last set of children. But, that was on the basis that she MUST have some kind of mental disorder for her to want to have more children on her own. She already underwent most of what you listed in the first case. I have to agree to their frame of mind as I cannot see anyone in their “right” mind wanted so many children with no a*sistance. I also a*sume that she would lose them to the state in no time. But, apparently I was wrong. People need to give credit where credit is due. This woman obviously loves her children and is doing all she can, they are very well taken care of, and apparently the department disagrees with you or they would have been taken already. It sounds like you are in some type of family services, and that is great, but you are not involved, you are not a part of the department handling this non-existent case. So it’s probably best if you mind your business and stop paying attention to tabloids. In the end, you are wrong at the moment because SHE is still caring for her children, and not “families that can adequately provide for their basic needs”, I a*sure you they would be if she weren’t. 😉

    Oh, and have you ever tried to find a job that pays enough to pay for daycare for 14 children? Some with special needs? I thought not! So quit bringing this young lady down along with the rest of our judgemental society, who also are afflicted with the “I can’t keep my nose out of other people’s business” disease! 😉

  3. Wow Nadia, you are so s*xy and have nothing to be ashamed about,you are one of the s*xiest women on thiis planet!

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