Nadya Suleman Before and After Pictures- High School Photo


Nadya Suleman 1996 yearbook picture

Nadya Suleman Gutierrez Doud aka “Octomom” graduated from Nogales High in 1993, back then she was known as Natalie Doud. Reports indicate that Nadya described herself as a popular kid, and claims to have been on the cheer leading squad, however, high school cla*smates describe Nadya differently. Reports indicate that high school cla*smates describe Nadya as somewhat of a trouble maker and a “misfit”.
Nadya always wanted to have a big family, she apparently made her first attempt to start a family in 1995,  just 2 years after her high school graduation. When Nadya Suleman first tried to become pregnant she has her first of three ectopic pregnancies, which usually ends up in miscarriage. This explains the reason why Nadya was left with the option of in-vitro fertilization.
In 1996 Nadya Suleman married produce manager Marcos Gutierrez, unfortunately the marriage did not last long as the separated in 2000 and finally divorced 2008.   Check out the image below of “Natalie Doud” in her high school yearbook picture compared with the image of Nadya Suleman today.


Nadya Suleman Year Book Photo

nadya_suleman after

Nadya Suleman today.

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  2. Ummmmm, if anyone cannot tell that she has had plastic surgery to look like Angelina Jolie, they are as nutty as she is. C’mon people, its not against the law but combined with all the other crazy a*s things this female is doing shouldn’t the authorities be more concerned?

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  3. Oh please and ima wake up looking like Jessica
    Alba tomorrow, YEAH RIGHT!!!

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  4. The nose job is very obvious and now she sounds like a Trannie! She has a very weird nasal voice, not enjoyable to listen to. Her lips are extremely big now and the hair is atrocious. She should continue to spend the tax payers money and get a decent haircut! No!!!!!!!! She should work and pay for all her whacked decisions and she should pay for her mothers foreclosure, but noooooooooooo, Nadya buys expensive dish washers and jacuzzis for her bedroom and expensive clothes and make-up and abdominal surgery to remove 50 lbs of belly fat.! UNBELIEVABLE behavior she has displayed as California’s Sacramento area is living in tents…The photos look like 2 completely different ppl. Her parent are Iraqi cousins! Maybe that explains it all!

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  5. yep, you can tell she had surgery, and she does sound like she needs nose spray. I don’t think the girl’s elevator goes all the way to the top ( if you know what I mean) . 6 kids are a bunch. but 14 is Nuts!!! I know cause I am a middle child. I am the 5th out of 10. yes that is a herd of kids. But I was raised in 1950 before welfare and hand outs and there was no help like there is now. Even if there had been my folks would not have taken any as we had pride and worked hard . We made do or did without. We had a big garden and canned a lot of vegetables. Mother sewed the girls clothes and we got by. I think we a talking at a mother who is selfish and has never been said no to before. Seems she makes a lot of demands. She might not need to bother getting her nails done cause it might be pretty uncomfortable to get baby p**p out from under false fingernails. might try putting that long hair in a ponytail and get on some running shoes.

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  6. we all know she has and had plastic surgery n she cnt hide it she tells ppl she didnt have plastic surgery but baby please u cnt hide it every notices the diffrence n these pictures,yes through out years ppl start 2 look diffrent but throughout years ppl dnt “magically”apper 2 look like a celebrity n if i can tell u had a nose job so can every 1 else,stop lying we all kno dha truth

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  7. This is a sad situation. The doctor should be responsible for all costs related to healthcare, general raising, education, weddings and more for his part in this tragedy. He had to have known her instability just from the initial interview with her. To this day she thrives on the media and exploits the children for the money. I cannot imagine that anyone would think that her lower face looks normal. It is grossly distorted. As far as her looking like Angelina … Please, I may not be a fan of Angelina, but this wantabe looks nothing like her. She looks and sounds like a desperate, insecure, unbalanced human. I feel for the children for one day they will see what a nut their Mother is and have to suffer the ridicule.

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  8. It is a sad situation, it seems as though her stories don’t jive with anyone elses?? Is she delusional? It does seem like there is something not quite right with her? I hope her Mother doesn’t get fed up enough that she stops going over to her house, those kids need someone thats relatively grounded in their lives.

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  9. She does not look like Angelina, she needs more surgery to fix her ugly a*s! And she should get some silicon in her head so at least her skull is not empty!

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  10. i was no cheerleader in high school, i had no friends in fact. that is why i had babies cuz i thought they would love me and i can give them what i wanted in life…friends and to get laid for once

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  11. Just got done watching Nadya on Oprah and I have to tell you I left with a completely different att*tude toward this woman. I left wishing there was some way I could help her. I am a healthy 56 year old vegetarian happily married woman who has 4 grown children ages 27,25,23,21. I love how she said on the show that she feeds her children the most healthy food possible. When my kids were young I had no family close by to help. Luckily my kids were 2 years apart, so my situation was totally do-able. With that said, I still found it challenging because of a traveling husband.
    I wish there were some way I could help Nadya. Someway I could give back. I would be able to commit to 1 week every 3 months to come in and do whatever she needed help with. I’m healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Will check her website out further to see if there is a way to contact her to make this offer. Thinking if other moms could do this, her burden would be lifted some. Tried to imagine how tired she must always feel. My mind can’t even go there!!!

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  12. everyone knows there is no way her a*s looks like that ofter that many kids if you looked at her saging egg shaped belly before the babies there was very bad stretch marks were did they go she had plastic surgery.

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  13. I think shes cool! Lots of other people sell their kids as models or for adverts! why shouldn’t she? lots of other people cant even give one child attention, just because they don’t want to….at least she tries! and why the h**l are all you so interested…shouldn’t you be spending this time with your kids instead of criticizing someone else??? So what if she wants to look like Angie Jolie….alot of other moms get plastic surgery oh wait but they dont have 14 kids…ah thats the problem!! so when you have 1 kid its ok when you have 14 its baaaaaad lol…you people crack me up…so ignorant and critical about people….maybe you all only wish your life was as exciting as Nadyas 😀 Peace Out

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