Nadya Suleman does the Dr. Phil show – Video – Interview

Dr. Phil asks Nadya Suleman about octuplets, plastic surgery, and more

Nadya Suleman recently turned up for an interview on the Dr. Phil show. In keeping to his usual style, Dr. Phil pulled no punches and asked Nadya Suleman about her plastic surgery, about the circumstances surrounding the conception and birth of the octuplets, and about being prepared to raise 14 kids.

We did have an excerpt of the Nadya Suleman Dr. Phil interview but it was removed from YouTube for whatever reason 🙁  The one below is good though.

The house in which Nadya Suleman has been residing, that of her mother, is in pre-foreclosure, and her mother is over $20,000 behind on the payments. When asked about her housing situation on the way to the interview, Ms. Suleman said “It’s not my home … I got to move … Yeah, I need a new house”. I’m sure caring for Ms. Suleman’s 6 children she had prior to the octuplets hasn’t helped her mother’s ability to afford her home.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel has his own take on Nadya Suleman and her interview with Dr. Phil

Nadya Suleman is sure getting a lot mainstream press attention, particularly since she was offered $1 million to star in her own adult video .(which we discuss here: Nadya Suleman Vivid Entertainment P**n Offer )

Are there any questions Dr. Phil should have asked but didn’t? Did Nadya Suleman answer all of them honestly? After you check out the interview, make sure to make your opinion heard in the comments.

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  1. I think that Nadya is not going to accept the Vivid Offer because she is holding off for something bigger and better, maybe a reality TV show? My only concern would be that people would boycott the show because of her circumstances, either that or an Octomom show would be a huge hit!

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