Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery – Angelina Jolie

Is Nadya Suleman trying to be Angelina Jolie?

The octomom’s obsession with the actress.  Did Nadya Suleman get plastic surgery to look like Angelina?

If you ask Nadya Suleman, she will strongly deny any sort of obsession or particular fondness for the actress. As we all know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and Nadya Suleman has, despite her claims to the contrary, gone to great lengths to imitate Angelina Jolie.

There are the claims of plastic surgery (which we cover here: Nadya Suleman Plastic  Surgery). In her interview with Ann Curry, Nadya Suleman flat out denies that she has had work done, despite many experts pointing out the obvious differences in her nose and lips. Ms. Jolie, known for her voluminous lips, is often rumored to have undergone collagen injections to make her lips fuller.

There is Nadya Suleman’s choice for her first interview (Octomom Ann Curry CNN Interview). Ms. Suleman chooses to sit down with Ann Curry, a journalist for whom Angelina Jolie has in the past publicly expressed a fondness for, and who is frequently given the privilege of conducting nationally televised interviews of Ms. Jolie.

There are rumors that throughout 2008, Nadya Suleman repeatedly attempted to contact Ms. Jolie, claims which Nadya Suleman denies. Previously, however, Ms. Suleman has denied that she receives public a*sistance, and that an ex-boyfriend had been a donor for her in vitro fertilization. Despite her denials, both claims have turned out to be true.

Angelina Jolie currently has 6 children, and since the birth of her last children, a set of twins, has professed that she would like to have many more, and have a large family.

Taken individually, all of these seem to be coincidences, but taken together the evidence is d**ning. Nadya Suleman has attempted to make herself look like Angeline Jolie through plastic surgery, has expressed the same desire for a large family, and likely has tried to contact the actress in the past.

It is plausible, maybe even likely, that Nadya Suleman, who has a documented history of depression, and who clearly has mental stability issues, would latch on to someone with the looks, talent, and social mindedness of Angelina Jolie. Ms. Jolie is without doubt a worthy role model, but not to the extent to which Nadya Suleman has tried to imitate her.

Nadya Suleman Before and After Pictures?

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27 thoughts on “Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery – Angelina Jolie

  1. Nadya Suleman looks just like Angelina Jolie, I would love to see pictures of her from high school before she had the opportunity to get and surgery. BTW, if she did get surgery, how did she afford it????

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  2. Look, she doesn’t even look ANYTHING like Angelina Jolie, and is a far cry from BEING anything close to her either! AJ is beautiful, Octomom is not. AJ is rich and famous, Octomom is poor and infamous. AJ has a supportive father for her children,Octomom does not. AJ is fighting to save innocent children from poverty, Octmom just added 8 more kids to the list. How anyone could compare the two is like apples to oranges. I don’t see AJ (or Brad’s) mother on TV asking for donations of formula and diapers!!! This woman disgusts me.She needs to get off her a*s and go get a JOB and support the children she has bought into this media circus of a life! Some judge somewhere should order her to be sterilized right away before she ties for ten! Jezzz…

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  3. Budlitemama- well said! Octomomma is nothing compared to Angelina Jolie. You took the words right out of my mouth!

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  4. people.. just to let u know… Octomom cant get a job.. she is on disability. Back injury in 1999 while at work, there was a riot. GOD people do you know anything. Im really getting sick of you stupid people not knowing anything. Im only reading this stuff because I have a school project. But for gods sake, grow up. She will be a fabulous mother.. now all of you need to get off your a*ses, and RAISE YOUR OWN CHILDREN. Im really surprised no one has punched your minds out yet.

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  5. She looks as much like Angelina as I do. This broads got some major problems. She needs more than Dr. Phil. Just looking for fame and fortune and it looks like she found it. I don’t think the courts will ever allow her to keep all those children. She is unable to raise them.
    She needs to be in a mental facility where she can seek the help she obviously needs.

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  6. Listen, about her ‘disability’ – I bet you anything that she suffered a herniated disc or something. Were that crazy lady truly ‘disabled’ to the point of being unable to work, she would have lost a limb or be in a wheel chair. She certainly wouldn’t be able to carry her litter. She’s a scammer & a schemer. The fact that she collected ‘disability’ for this long while being able to walk, talk, shop, carry & care for children proves that she’s phoney. I work in the area of disability and I’ve seen truly disabled people – even those who HAVE lost limbs have engaged in vocational training provided by the state and some have gotten jobs. She’s the cla*sic example of why the state run disability program is flawed. And, just because she received a disability award, in no way means she’s 100% disabled and a non-working unit. She likely received a % of disabilty & the award is to compensate her for the particular injury. Nothing can stop her from sitting at a desk and typing or answering a phone. She can drive & shop & lift heavy children with 1 arm. SO – SHE’S A TOTAL PREVARICATOR. I SIMPLY KNOW SHE’LL SPEND SOME OF THE MONEY FROM THROWING THOSE KIDS IN PUBLIC VIEW ON REPAIRING HER STRETCHED TUMMY. WOULD LOVE SOMEONE TO FOLLOW UP ON THAT.

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  7. She is living off of my $. I just can’t beleive she would opt to have 8 more babies without even considering how she would pay for them, the up-keep, education etc. I guess, as in the past, she will just rely on public aid and of course whom ever is stupid enpough to contribute to her website.I beelive her children should be taken from her and placed in either foster care or put up for adcoption. Her scam is soooo ridiculous.
    Let’s not forget it was fueled by Dr. Phil. Geez, anything for a better rateing

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  8. Thanks to Dr. Phil for giving her that exposure. Get real Dr. Phil, she scammed you and everyone who donated to her cause. I know it’s not the kids fault but it’s also not my fault that me & my husband lost our jobs now we’re flipping burgers and cleaning offices to support our family instead of asking for hand outs.;
    SHAME ON YOU DR. PHIL !!!Look what you started only for it to back fire on you. You didn’t see thru her like we all did?

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    Rating: +5 (from 7 votes)

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  11. I dont know anything about her disability. But I know her doctor was crazy for allow her to have that many implanted babies. The doctor should lose his license.

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  12. octomom looks good …she did not adopt her kids …i hope that she does get a tummy tuck ….go for it Nadia make em talk ………lots of us prefer you to Kate and jon ..i never watched their show and never will …you have beautiful children …as you are ..

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  13. Great Post! I love to read articles that are informative and beneficial in nature. Thank You for sharing your knowledge.

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  15. of course she had plastic surgery, and a tummy tuck cuz if she didnt seh would still have her stretch marks! and she is just wanting attention from everyone! its stupid she has 14 kids to take care of. she dont have the money for all this stuff that money needs to go to her kids not her! she craves attention so she will do whatever it take to get it….she needs to become more mature and put her kids first and for most and not her looks! dumb lady

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  16. Not a single features like Angelia. what a the h**l the some commentators saying about Angelina. If you are comparing Angelina with nadiya it’s really ridiculous.

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  19. why yu people got s**t tew say bout her idk why dont you juh let them live there own lives she luks nothing lik aj there both beautiful though… soo all you dumb a*s muthaf**kas can shut da f**k up BBEEEOOOTTTTCCHHHH!!!

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