Nadya Suleman Vivid Entertainment Offer

OctoMom Vivid Adult Movie Offer for 1 Million Dollars!

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Nadya “Octomom” Suleman has received a $1 million offer from Vidid Entertainment to appear in a new movie!  Vivid wants Suleman, who just gave birth to eight babies in January 2009, to appear in eight different scenes, with eight different men, doing it eight different ways!  Vivid CEO Stephen Hirsch explains that “The number eight is obviously heavily a*sociated with her so we would like to work with that.”  Suleman is supposedly considering the offer, we all know she sure could use the money but this would cause quite a controversy!

Update – Nadia Suleman Vivid Enternainment Letter

February 26, 2009:

We has just learned that Suleman may not be taking her clothes off after all. Nadya “Octomom” Suleman claims, “Those guys at Vivid video must be nuts!” ” Who wants to see me naked? Maybe in a year when the baby fat goes away.”

We’ll keep you updated on any more news on this one.  What do you think about this letter?  Would that be absolutely rediculous if she actually moved forward with the contract?  I guess the money would be good 🙂

Other News: Is Nadya Suleman on disability for bad back?

As with anyone who suddenly appears in the national spotlight, a lot of questions have been raised about the background and bio of Nadya Suleman. Many people wonder what kind of person would have 14 children while living on public a*sistance. Luckily, taking a look at Ms. Suleman’s background can answer a lot of these questions.

Nadya Suleman, who is currently 33 years old, was born in Fullerton, California, and has lived for her entire life in southern California, living in La Puente, Hacienda Heights, and Rowland Heights as she was growing up.

After graduating from high school in La Puente, Nadya Suleman got a psychiatric technician’s license and went to work at Metropolitan State Hospital, a mental hospital in Norwalk, California. In 1999, during a patient riot at the hospital, Ms. Suleman sustained a back injury, for which she claimed disability. She later amended her disability claim to include depression related to being unable to work. Since her initial disability filing, Nadya Suleman has received over $160,000 in disability payments, which in conjunction with the food stamps Ms. Suleman receives has allowed her to support herself despite being unemployed.

Read the rest of Nadya Sulemans biography here.

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