Nadya Suleman Website

You probably came to our Nadya Suleman website because you heard about the amazing story of the woman the media is now calling, octomom .

If not, here is the story in short:

Nadya Suleman is the mother of the octuplets, which were born in California in early 2009. Before Nadya gave birth to octuplets, she had 6 other children. Nadya Suleman’s decision to proceed with her octuplet pregnancy has created a media frenzy and millions of debates about the morals of fertility treatments and multiple births.

Nadya Suleman Website

Nadya Suleman Website

You’re probably wondering why we built a website about Nadya Suleman “octo mom”.  We created this website because we thought her story was interesting and there are so many different views on this subject. It’s exciting to see everyone’s comments and opinions on this controversial topic.  We didn’t build this website to bash Nadya Suleman, like many others and the media are doing, but just to bring this amazing story to the internet.

We wish her the best!

227 thoughts on “Nadya Suleman Website

  1. I don’t understand people who say they feel for her…She chose to have all of the procedures done in order to have all of her children knowing very well that she could have ended up with so many children. Those children should be taken away from her and she should be locked up. People like her make me sick. I think of all of the GOOD parents out there that are having a hard time getting pregnant with just one child and here she is with 14 and she can’t take care of them. I’ve heard some people say it’s a miracle but the only miracle I see is that the children are all still alive. Anyone willing to give her any sympathy is just as bad as she is…Attention starved b***h


  3. Everyone is saying she is such a bad mother and needs to go to the mental ward, but without knowing her or her kids how can you say that? The media gives out fake impressions all the time to try and earn money and success. So instead of supporting the media sending out a bad message to the world, why don’t you grow up and let her live her life with her children. If she couldn’t handle 8 more babies she would have done something about it by now. Move on with your lives and stop hating on something that isn’t even your issue anyway, because taxes need to be paid either way.

  4. I think this sight is simply utterly hilarious.
    If Nadya Suleman spent half the time and money she puts into writing her own fanmail and posting it here –isn’t it amazing how all her “many”supporters alll write the same way?– She would need a few less nannies and have kids who knew who she was.
    This woman is a serial child abuser. A criminal who deliberately maimed her own children for life.It isn’t that she’s not in jail . Its that she’s not in jail YET.

  5. I will like to know if there is a place or a bank account were we can cooperate with Nadya. I think she is a good mother. Hope she makes a special program once or twice a year so we get to see the kids growing up.

  6. This woman is totally nuts!!! Absolutley insane! I think there must be a law to put limitation how many children person/family can have. Max 6 kids and that’s it! Anyway, the Earth is already suffocating by overpopulation.

  7. After reading all these comments, from mostly WOMEN and American ones at that, I actually feel sick.
    How many of you bigots ACTUALLY deserve your children?
    None of you.
    She cares for them, and she loves them.
    They’re fed, watered, kept warm, played with.
    Everything a baby needs.

    So what if she’s on welfare? That aspect of her life is nothing to do with any of you. It’s her choice.
    Your choice is to go out and leave your children so you can ‘provide’ them with things they don’t need.

    All I get from reading these horrible comments, not the nice ones from actual, normal, fully-functioning human beings, are that you’re a bunch of old, dried up battle axes who’ve turned on a woman who has more children than you.

    She fired that nanny because ON CAMERA she had one of Nadya’s babies in her arms and joked that she could steal the baby and Nadya wouldn’t even notice.
    I tell you now, she would.
    And she was totally justified in firing that stupid b***h’s a*s. I would’ve beaten her to the ground if that was my child she’d joked about abducting.

    If your IVF didn’t work, or you can’t conceive naturally, that’s not her fault. Just because she’s more fertile than you, and her womb is a much better environment than for a foetus than yours are, doesn’t make her a bad person. In fact, it makes you a bad person because it shows you’re envious.

    Sorry to be harsh, but if you haven’t got children because your insides won’t allow it, then it’s YOUR body letting you down. Not her.

    This whole hate tirade thing you people have against her is pathetic. I’m a*suming you’re all adults, and therefore you should know better, but apparently etiquette and politeness has been drummed out of the American system as quickly as obesity and McDonald’s was drummed in.

    You set a poor example for your country, and I’m sure the boys on the front line, fighting in the WAR would be ashamed of you.


  8. @Cher – I didn’t get any child support either – but then again, I also didn’t get any taxpayer dollars – didn’t ask for any, didn’t want any – worked 2 jobs – made ends meet, barely and survived. I suggest your daughter do the same – and stop milking the taxpayer of their hard-earned dollars.

  9. How can all you people be so judgemental. Who are you people? This is not America. We give 7 billion dollars a year to other countries to feed other countries children. We have no say in that only the Government does but we can’t help our own people. WTH. How many of you people are on unemployment or needed help in your time of need. God gave her those babies and you are not here to jude her or those babies. What the h**l do you people care you have to pay taxes no matter what. So get over it.

  10. Oh yeah and if you think the world is so overlypopulated then why don’t you jump off a cliff so we can use all the food you are going to eat and the toilet paper you are going to wipe your a*s with for ourselves. Heartless America. That is what we have become. You mean judgmental p***ks.

  11. So she made a mistake!! we all do!! but most of ours are not all over the TV!!! If you don’t want to help her than don’t say anything,because she is already a broken young woman. No one has the right to do that!! I repeat no one. Who are we to judge her? The only person that walked on this earth was Jesus Christ,and thank GOD we are not given what we deserve!!

  12. Does anybody know where we can send her messages,she needs someone to lift her up,she needs to be healed in order to be that mom that those 14 kids need. When I watched today on Oprah my heart was broken,In the middle of two very powerful woman,there she was a sh**l of a woman,and that sh**l was being taking apart,piece by piece. Who are we!! We have no right!!

  13. I understand how everyone feels but i think it is old we can’t go back and change what has happen now we just got to deal with it. just as she must. i mean we have all made some mistakes in life she just made a bigger one then must of us.

  14. i agreed with everyone that she is a great women to have the kids she wants and by the way if she wants more then I’m all for it and if I wasn’t in a relationship with someone then I think that I would stand on her side and help her raise them with her . I feel that she shouldn’t be put on the spot of raising her the kids she has and for people to put her business all over the tv don’t have a life but hurting someone that is trying her best to be great mother she can be.

  15. Ok i personally thought oh well she couldnt help it.
    well i now have a different look. I just recently (today) watched her on oprah and she sounded and looked like she was on crack. I know she only wrote Oprah a letter because she wanted money $$$ she is waiting for the time when her pain will cash in. she totally wanted those kids!! I bet now she will get a tv show which no one will watch. though i still feel bad for her i think media and what people think of her should be the last thing on HER mind right now.

  16. i agreed with everyone that she is a great women to have the kids she wants and by the way if she wants more then I’m all for it and if I wasn’t in a relationship with someone then I think that I would stand on her side and help her raise them with her . I feel that she shouldn’t be put on the spot of raising her the kids she has and for people to put her business all over the tv don’t have a life but hurting someone that is trying her best to be great mother she can be. I beside all that I know a lot of people that are test tube baby’s and they live a great life to

  17. I think that people should just leave this woman alone and let her raise her children. As for the people that say it is child abuse to have this many children i know a lot of people who grew up in big families and turned out just fine. Both my grandmother and grandfather were from families this size and turned out to be good people. It was great when i was growing up to have all of those great aunts and uncles. Both my husband and i come from what would now be considered big families( I have 3 sisters and he has 4 brothers and a sister) and we turned out just fine, and now we have 4 sons of our own, and sometimes it has been hard financially raising them but the sacrifices are worth it in the end


  19. God had NOTHING – NOTHING to do with this – She took it out of God’s hand. Please don’t bring God into this. She went to a doctor and had this done. She had many wonderful kids at home that needed help, now those kids with special needs will lose the special time with Mom. Too bad she wasn’t thinking of the precious kids that she had wihen she did this. A good mom puts her kids first. Not her, just be a baby factory and get the SOCIOLIST United States to increase taxes on hard working Americans to pay for this woman to take God’s will and bend it to her will. God didn’t give her the kids the doctors did.

  20. It blows my mind all this stupid c**p about bless her leave her alone, you people are freaks. If she wanted to be left aloine she shouldn’t have had all the babies, she had litters, it’s ridiculous. She can’t say she wants to be left alone one minute but begging for help the next, give me a freaking break. I am a licensed childare provider and I am licensed to care for 6 and as much as I love my job,it is exhausting and by the end of the day I am thankful I only have one of my own. She doesn’t care for these children, she cares for herself. She wanted a free ride. I agree with one of the previous commenters, if you think she is so wonderful, you support her, I don’t want to!!!!!