Nadya Sulemans Controversial Octuplets Pregnancy

How the octomom conceived octuplets, and why her doctor is under investigation

Nobody will dispute that having 8 babies is quite a bit out of the ordinary, and it should come as no surprise that Nadya Suleman’s children were not conceived naturally. Instead, the process used is known as in vitro fertilization, and is typically used for couples who are having trouble conceiving by natural means.

With IVF, fertilization occurs outside of the womb, with the fertilized egg being placed inside the uterus of the mother. Success rates for IVF range anywhere from 20% to 35% depending on the expertise of the doctor performing the procedure, as well as the age of the mother. Because of the relatively low success rate, it is not uncommon for multiple eggs to undergo to increase the rate of certainty. An average mother will receive 2 or 3 eggs.

Nadya Suleman had already undergone this operation 5 times prior, once resulting in twins, when she underwent the process for a 6th time, resulting in her pregnancy with octuplets. Ms. Suleman had 6 eggs left over from her previous IVF procedures. To avoid having these eggs destroyed, Ms. Suleman was implanted with all 6 of them, two of them being split to form twins, for a total of 8 children.

The doctor who has performed all of Ms. Suleman’s IVF procedures, Michael Kamrava (pictured above) is now under investigation for defying accepted medical practices for Ms. Suleman, as well as another woman currently pregnant with quadruplets. The Medical Board of California initiated the investigation, and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine is providing expertise on the subject of IVF to aid in construction a case against Dr. Kamrava.

Should Nadya’s fertility doctor have is license to practice revoked his irresponsibility? Was he just doing as his patient asked? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. The doctor must return the fee that the mother paid him, and it should be used to support the 14 children.

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