Octo Mom Shopping Spree!

For those of you who care, and I know this may aggravate a lot of people, Nadya Suleman “Octo-Mom” has gone on another shopping spree!  This time she spent another $1500 on clothes…just for her!

Nadya was spotted shopping at the pricey Bebe Sport store buying t-shirts, tank tops, a s*xi cami and other items.

What do you guys think about this?  Do you feel taxpayers will be angry at this?


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17 thoughts on “Octo Mom Shopping Spree!

  1. She is suppose to use the donation money for the children or thats right she is a child herself, The immature selfish woman (I want call her a mom because she’s not) who thinks of herself only. All the ones donating I hope you fell like your money is going to a good use.

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  2. hi
    i’m a mom of 9,yes 9 ages range from 18-2years-old. I’m sorry but i think she is in great need of mental, spiritual help and u need to find yourself. what would make you have 6 kids at home, some with special needs, have a doctor implant 6 additional kids. the question is not if ur crazy, we no u r but what kind of quality care will these kids get. can u tell me how i can get a house, i work and i’m a rn, but cant afford to buy a house.??

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  3. leave the poor girl alone alreadyhow people expect tha women get anything done with f**8 cameras behind her all the time.
    by the way i think she’s hot!!!!!!!!

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  4. She’s a moocher, user, thief & threat to her own children. For any ‘mom’ to PAY for additional in vitro (I’m not even referencing the plastic surgery) when 6 kids are on food stamps is sickening. I heard one interview where she said that she was maintaining some additional embryos somewhere. Mark my words, she’ll do it again! Once the blush is off her sick rose, and the kids are hungry, or the nannies revolt, or the electric is turned off, or the loan office says “no”, or her lips reverse, or she looks in the mirror at that super saggy belly/stretch marks, NADYA will return to the cold table & stirrups. Some doctor WILL implant her again (and she’ll PAY for it) – even if she has to carry the remaining eggs in a cooler to Mexico.

    Nothing’s worse than the 15 minutes ended. She’ll start it up all over again. Sick beee yatch.

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  5. This right here is a perfect example of a careless selfish women…i work all day struggling to take care of the one child i have and i provide my little girl with everything she needs and wants as much as i can and to see someone like her that doesnt even give a a d**n about her 14 KIDS!!! oh no she is pyshco or something because shes not right…i will never ever help this women just to go out and spend thounsands one herself with all those kids sitting at home with nothing!!!

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  6. thousands of dollars on ones selves clothes NO… clearance rack YES! thousands on children’s clothes YES! she can’t run around naked. but wow i just spent a quarter of my pay check on a pair of size (mens)13 sneakers for my only son who’s 16 and the rest of my pay check on the lights. and i shop at the clearance WOW what i could buy with thousands, and I’de do the same thing i do every time, my 3 kids and grandbaby come first even if they don’t need it, THEY NEED IT BECAUSE I SAID SO!

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  7. what a selfish women, first off 6 kids is enough for anyone but to have 8 more is STUPID! she should give the 8 up for adoption so someone can raise them starting while there still babies. she is all about herself, she wants everything for herself why does anyone pitty this women she knew when she had all these kids that she had no money but she didnt care bc she knew the taxpayers would pay for it. in the long run giving her free everything and being able to splurge. did we pay for the angelina jolie surgeries sher had and the many more im sure she wants to have?????? i mean if it was an accidental pregnancy or she was rich and working or even married or just a married couple who loves kids and truly wants a big family thats fine, but to have them being broke, homeless, manless and clueless is WRONG!!!! I THINK THE WOMEN IS A MENTAL CASE! i mean she says on video her house is so clean and sanitized but you see her 6 oldest runn ing in and out of the house for hours on end and getting in the babies faces right after they get hom…..looks real sterile and clean to me lady….kids are prone to carry more bacteria then any other human being….WHY HAS NOTHING BEEN DONE TO SAVE THESE 8 BABIES FROM A DANGEROUS LOVELESS SCHEMED LIFE??????THERE ARE WOMEN OUT THERE WHO CAN NOT HAVE BABIES AND ARE HAVING TO LEAVE THE COUNRTRY AND WAIT YEARS ON WAITING LIST TO ADOPT BUT SHE IS ALLOWED TO HAVE 14 KIDS?????

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  8. a the saying goes what goes around comes around. I hope the older children are in that house so they can bond with them . this is what she doesnt understand Im praying she will some day hopefully it wont be to late.

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  9. Some woman spend $1500.00 on a single item of clothing, so what is the problem….is she no longer ent*tled to make personal purchases. If you have an issue with Octomom then rather focus on your own perfect life.

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  10. Let her enjoy a bit on her too. That doesnt mean that she has to not buy anything for herself. Come on, she is a mother and she is beautiful and not old (hahah). Please, let her enjoy her life also with the kids.

    I know there are mothers who cannot take care of one kid and gets frustrated end of the day and imagine Nadya taking care of her 14 kids. Not a joke right?

    Having 14 kids, that doesnt mean that she has to sit at home all the time. Let her and her kids live a life on their own. Leave them alone.

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  11. I shop a lot…it is fun…a woman can never have to many nice things…a woman with 14 children, needs to have fun times in her life aside from the children….Shop Nadya….shop….

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  12. Those of you that told her to shop – thank God California has started monitoring welfare money, I’m not going to pay for your shopping sprees!

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  13. all ppl shop and she is just as ent*tled to buy stuff she needs and wants as long as she has taken care of the babies needs too. it shouldnt be the material thing u all are focusing on, what about the emotional need of those kids? who cares what she buys

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  14. Just watched Oprah and Suzi with Octomom last night. This mother is skank personified. She’s annoyed that her decision to have 8 more did not result in life-long merchandizing deals that would pay her bills and provide 14 scholarships. She lies about cosmetic surgery. She still believes that welfare is a way of life to maintain her own lifestyle and not the last resort for those unfortunates with dire emergencies. I still cannot fathom that the first 6 were all on Foodstamps and free special needs services and she still got in vitro for 8 more. I can still see that home interview show when one of her elder boys threw a book across the room because it was not a video game when some charity group stopped by with presents after the birth of the new 8. She is an embarra*sment to the human race. She has simply added 14 more to the rolls of Welfare cheats. This skanky misfit is amoral and brainless. She is single-handedly bankrupting California’s social services and no one can stop her because of the 14 kids.

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  15. I think the public would feel better if (1) Natalie would own her psychological instability openly, and (2) get help from psychiatric professionals on a regular basis. She’s already made the mistakes; it’s time to focus on the solutions.

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