Octomom Accepting Donations for New Home on Website : Will You Donate?

Octomom didn’t raise enough money with her p**n gig, so she’s asking her fans for donation on a website called Go Fund Me.  Nadya says she’s very close to buying a home on the donation page.  So far there are 6 donations and her goal is at 1% and looks like it’s over $100.

Octomom thanks her fans on the page:

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page. I am having to move out of my home soon and i’m very close to being able to buy a home for my kids. Your support is appreciated.

Thank you again,

Nadya Suleman

It makes me wonder, is this even a real donation page or is someone trying to use her to make money?  It says she is “Facebook Verified” but what can that prove?  It’s pretty easy to make a fake Facebook profile of someone famous and have followers friend request you thinking you’re the real thing.  I guess we’ll say it’s legit for now since Go Fund Me looks like a trusted website.

Would you donate?  Why or why not?  Here is the link to her donation if you want to see it: http://www.gofundme.com/OctomomHome

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Octomom Accepting Donations for New Home on Website : Will You Donate?, 3.9 out of 5 based on 31 ratings

12 thoughts on “Octomom Accepting Donations for New Home on Website : Will You Donate?

  1. Hang in there Nadya,dont let anybody stand in your way of doing what you’re already doing,and that is taking care of all your children. Not many people could do what you’re doing. It takes a selfless person to make a good parent and you have certainly shown to be that. Good luck!

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  2. No, I’d never donate my hard earned money. She made good money during her “15 mins of fame.” Had she been smart enough, she would’ve saved it all and…gotten a job like everyone else.

    I’m sorry, but I’m a realist and that’s the way it is.

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  3. Now why would anyone want to contribute to her shopping trips and plastic surgery? She won’t use the money for the kids. H**l no.

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  4. No, I would not ever help her raise her kids. Move out of your 3K per month house, and move to the midwest. You can get a home for 1.5k per month, and support your kids even further. You need to support your kids at all costs. You are the one that wanted them, dont expect handouts. If you cannot support them, then give them up and let a family that can.

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  5. Nadya … Your sense of ent*tlement is truly priceless. Your sense of selflessness is truly amazing. Like the recent Howard Stern interview … and the Octomommy p**n …. and the stripping …. bad music videos ….

    Please none of this is about your children. It is all about you. All of it is just an excuse to justify your behavior and calm an outraged public.

    It’s all just a big joke to you, motherhood, children, the whole thing. Well gal the joke’s on you. You have lost every ounce of any remaining respect or support you had. No way would I ever give a p**n queen money. What for to finance your next project?? I hear you didn’t get any up front money so somebody must have financed that project?? I imagine being an opportunist at the expense of your kids mental and psychological well-being is quite lucrative.

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  6. Nadya I dont really know you as a person but from what I have seen and heard from you it sounds as if you had a void in your life and you tried to fill it with children which isnt bad in itself. But as you have discovered people and things cannot fill the voids of loneliness or whatever void we have. The only one who can fulfill us is our Lord Jesus Christ. Nadya have you ever thought about surrendering your life to Jesus, for He loves you very much and He loves your children even more than you do!! God has a purpose and a plan for you and each of your precious little ones!! Nadya, God stands at the door of your heart and waits for you to open the door and let Him into your heart , wont you open the door and let Him in? Thankyou for reading my post

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  7. Your holy rolling isn’t what Nadya wants. She wants donations, dear. You are preaching to the wrong person.

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  8. What is wrong with you? You disgust me and need to have your kids taken away. Get up off your fat a*s and get a job.

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  9. Hi nadja i am steve from germany ..you have a great fan base here please contact me i would like to book you for some shows

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  10. I thought your video was great, I think you should do another and have me in it and other guys like myself!

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    • You must be a desperate dude, or Nadya has been at the vodka and writing herself fan mail again. Tell me, Nadya, how can you be on food stamps but have a face full of Botox? Hmmmm?

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