Octomom Cashes $40,000 Check For Workplace Injury from California mental hospital

octomom workmans compIt’s so strange how Octomom could give birth to eight kids while having a back injury, isn’t it?  That’s what a lot of people are wondering after Nadya recently cashed a $40,000 check from her previous employer, a California mental hospital.  She got the big check because she reportedly won a settlement from workers’ compensation claim dating back to 1999. She was employed as a psychiatric technician at the time and was injured in a riot at the facility.

Suleman will only bank some $23,000 of the settlement proceeds, however, after deductions for legal fees and prior permanent disability payments.

What’s even worse is the fact that Nadya previously collected an incredible $170,000 in disability payments for chronic back pain from 2003 and 2008 apparently arising from the same injury, according to the LA Times. She also filed a second claim after she was rear-ended in 2001 on her way home from a doctor’s appointment, according to People.com.

Suleman also collected various forms of welfare after the birth of the octuplets but said in November that she is no longer on public a*sistance.

If you haven’t heard about this before, I’m sure a lot of you will be angry at this.  How do you even get almost $200,000 for a back injury?  Absolutely  ridiculous!

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Octomom Cashes $40,000 Check For Workplace Injury from California mental hospital, 4.3 out of 5 based on 184 ratings

12 thoughts on “Octomom Cashes $40,000 Check For Workplace Injury from California mental hospital

  1. This makes me really mad…I do have a legitimate back injury from an on the job accident I do not qualify for any type of a*sistaance from the state I am not going to recive any type of disability payments from the state and if I am lucky I will recive a settlement from my employer that will keep a roof over my 2 children’s heads until I can find any job. I mean any job…any one???

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  2. This makes me really mad…I do have a legitimate back injury from an on the job accident I do not qualify for any type of a*sistaance from the state I am not going to recive any type of disability payments from the state and if I am lucky I will recive a settlement from my employer that will keep a roof over my 2 children’s heads until I can find a job. I mean any job…any one???

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  3. So what if she had a back injury and put in a claim. She didn’t process the claim herself. The Insurance Company processed it and awarded her the money. Her doctor and the Insurance Company’s doctor must have okayed the claim. Get over it. You people are spiteful and hateful. Leave the woman alone.

    She had her fertilized eggs implanted, she never knew or believed all the eggs would become viable. She expected 1 or 2 would be viable. When they all became viable, what would you have her do? kill six or seven of them?

    People should never have such venom and hate for other people until they have walked a mile in their shoes.

    This woman made a mistake, but her doctor is even more to blame for putting that many fertilized eggs in her.

    Give her a break. Leave her alone.

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  4. My dad suffersfrom severe knee and joint pain after being hit by a car while on the job (he was a Security Guard) and was awarded over $100,000 for the claim. So it is quite possible that someone could be awarded a great sum of money depending on the injury and the events that took place.

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  5. So, she got alot of money from Worker’s Comp. One thing I know is…it’s not easy to get money from Worker’s Comp. It’s not just a matter of filing some paperwork and then sitting back to collect money. As anyone who has gone through the process can tell you. So, I’m giving Worker’s Comp some credit on doing the homework on Nadya’s claim. Worker’s Comp didn’t want to give her, or anyone, any money. They made their decision. I can accept that.

    Also, I’ve seen people with back injuries do many remarkable things. Not all back injuries turn people into quadruplegics. I know a lady with a bad back that has given birth to several children. It hurt, but she did it. I know a man who was seriously injured, but happily goes camping and does some work for people, yet he receives disability and Worker’s Comp. Nadya is no different from thousands of other people who receive Worker’s Comp and disability, imo.

    I’m not a Nadya Suleman supporter. She’s a con artist who has been getting better at conning since the birth of the octuplets. I’m just putting some trust and credibility into the Workers Comp organization and will not criticize their decision.

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  6. The workman’s comp papers are public information. If you read them, you will see that she absolutely scammed the system. It was easier to do ten years ago when her claim was filed. Harder to scam the system now. If you read through the papers you see that she lied right and left, up and down. WC only paid her off because of the embarra*sment she caused them by scamming the system. I suggest the website


    Very detailed timeline of her bs.
    She’s a scammer and schemer. An evil, evil woman.

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  7. Seriously? Why so much hate? I have serious back damage and my hubby has so much that is dural sack is leaking spinal fluid but we aint hating… If ANYBODY ELSE had pulled that off, everyone would be all.. “Dude, wish that had been me!” So what if she has sooo many kids and WTF! So she makes poor choices but who they heck don’t? If she can be a good mother, despite what she will have to do to feed and cloth all those kids and keep them from needing therapy as adults, then, more f**king power to her! Have ALL the choices you made in life been good for you and those who depend on you? Shoot! Mine haven’t! I ain’t perfect! So how, if she isn’t selling them or hurting them, can anybody really call her out and judge her! OMGosh, is that a PLANK I see in your eye? Better wash that out you perfect world! It’s could make you go blind!

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  8. A message to Octodisgrace…


    Yeah, you have the welfare recipients and the work ‘injury’ con-artists (like yourself) rooting for you and supporting your so-called decisions in life. Hardworking taxpayers , however, think you are scum of the earth and a major nutcase.

    Let’s pray your children are taken away from you and raised in a family with actual morals. Let’s also pray that you are forced to actually get a real job, pay taxes and support your children.

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  9. you people are dumb..What do you think the gov uses to build up tax reserves in the first place….workers-people..Nadia has produced 14 future cash cows for the taxation dept.
    Yes those kids will be providing you lots care in your declining old age-if your bitter screwed up minds don’t p**s the wrong person off and you find yourself pushing up daisys.

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  10. Its funny because who in their right minds would want 12 embryos implanted in them? Especially after having 6 children! Anyone that defends this nut job needs a psych evaluation!

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  11. Ok she has 8 at home but the other 6 arent good enough to be with her? From what I have read her mom is raising the older 6. Dad is over in iraq working as an interputer so he can support her other kids. I wonder if she is claiming these 6 on her welfare?! Im no hater bur get real!

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  12. In some pix. she appears to look older now, but I have no idea of her age. Re. the too big suit she’s wearing, it just looks like she’s lost some weight. Needs to be hemmed of course. From the side & thinner she looks like Kim K. who is said to be her idol. Is it true that she’s had “work” done on herself? How could she possibly pay for that? Medi-Cal & SSI won’t pay for this & neither will Child Welfare.Main thing is that I wonder how her horde of kids are doing. How can she raise & care for these unfortunate young ones when she can’t take care of herself except by making a p**n movie (?), food stamps, & working the system. Where the h**l is her husband if she has one? What a poor example she sets for the all of them.I feel really sorry for her children & wonder when & if Social Services will get involved. Maybe they already have, because she surely needs mental health counseling.

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