Octomom Dr. Michael Kamrava Implanted 12 Embryos Not 6

Octomom’s doctor, Dr. Michael Kamrava was in hearings today regarding his medical license. ┬áThere has also been some new information released that changes the 6 implanted embryos to 12! ┬áThe intial allegations has everyone in shock as it was believed that the 6 embryos implanted was inappropriate, but 12 could be even further over the edge. Deputy Attorney General Judith Alvarado made the allegations in the opening statements was quick to point out this is why Dr. Michael Kamrava doesn’t serve to have a license. The agruments are the first of many for the hearing.

Nadya is still working on saving her house as she explained on the radio the other day.

Octomom Doctor Michael Kamrava

Octomom Doctor Michael Kamrava

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11 thoughts on “Octomom Dr. Michael Kamrava Implanted 12 Embryos Not 6

  1. why would a doctor do this even if the patient requested it – octoidiot has alwayssaid that she had used the frozen eggs now we learn she has 29 frozen eggs left
    when is she going to have those implanted this woman has a serious personality mental health issue and i feel so sorry for the kids

    Octomom is a liar she has lied to cover her own a*s – i think the doctr is probably the father of those babies – its happened b4
    the doctor has been so unethical he should be struck off immediatley and never be allowed to practise medicine again

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  2. in my opinion, the good doctor should be financially responsible for raising those children. he should pay for his gross lack of good judgement. and oh yes, yank his license for ever.

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  3. Twelve embryos?! Holy Cow!

    So, I went to my one of my favorite sources, IVF, Lies and Videotape, and looked up the 60 minutes interview in Australia. This was one of the better appearances of Nadya and the children. The babies aren’t just numbly staring or crying. They seem a little more animated, so it’s better than the other videos. Sort of.

    Anyway, I watched Nadya describe how she wanted to use up the remaining frozen embryos. I carefully observed her expressions and gestures. It’s amazing! She lies so well!

    I reviewed the interview with Ann Curry. Same thing. Nadya isn’t as well rehea**ed in this first public appearance. But she still lied very well.

    Even when she was arguing with her mother, her ability to lie is so smooth.

    If the observer isn’t familiar with the facts, they can be easily duped.

    Let it never be said again that Nadya Suleman is unemployed. She is a self employed professional con artist. She has worked hard to develop her craft and it shows.

    Btw, the babies were shown at the Perez Hilton site for Millions of Milkshakes. The cribs are enshrouded with nets. I looked these up on the net. They aren’t expensive and are for any number of reasons, including, protection from mosquitos and other insects and keeping kids from climbing out or in. This should prevent Calyssa from doing a Riverdance routine on one of the babies in the forseeable future, I suppose.

    Did anyone notice the change on the nursery wall? It used to say, “God’s Little Angels.” Now, it reads, “Go Angels.” Wonder why certain letters were painted over?

    And why was the room so darkened and then bright camera lights were shining on the children? Of course, they’re not going to say, “hi”. They were either rubbing their eyes, squinting or turning away from the bright light. Nadya most likely looked like a silhouette to them.

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  4. What I want to know is how she explained to the welfare department how she paid for IVF WHILE GETTING A*SISTANCE. No wonder California is broke. She should have been charged with fraud and still should. I agree that the DR may be the father and due to the fact that he was so unethical and she is such a lier I think they should force a patternity test on them both to see if he was in fact the donor. I know that crosses lines on her right but this case warrants it I think. They can”t get away with this.

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  5. hey depending on statistic only 45 to 47 % survive, Maybe the Dr. lack some judgement but 8 babes survived under his care…. he is a good Dr, that can help other kidless couples

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  6. Wow! This is crazy…

    Way to go JimmyZ… I guess you have decided to ignore the long list of dumb white doctors running around getting sued for malpractice. Maybe you should save your ignorant comments for a more appropriate forum…

    Doctors are unethical no matter their race or color. It is merely a matter of their GREED.

    The Doctor clearly erred in his judgment. But is it enough to have his license revoked? Well, that is clearly a decision of the state. Stupidity and greed is not a reason enough. And, if Nadya signed a document clearing the doctor of any wrongdoing, then we may find that this case will come to naught. Unless, there are some clearly written regulation regarding the amount of embryo’s that can be implanted at any one time. My personal opinion is that the license should be revoked. He was clearly not considering her overall situation. He should have asked that she submit to a psych-eval and a*sessed her situation outside of her medical health.

    Overall, Nadya and her doctor need to be held accountable and the California Dept of Human Services needs to make a very important decision in regards to this woman’s choices. She has to be in some sort of violation! Nadya and her doctor clearly were not looking out for anyone’s interest, but their own. Growing up in a single parent home, I know how difficult it is to get the attention of a parent with 3 siblings. Does she really believe she can provide all the love and care for 14 children and does she feel it is right for her to hold the state of California financially responsible for her decisions?

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  7. No Erica, 8 did not survive under Kamrava’s care, he said under oath that he stuck them in her uterus then never saw her again. Those 8 “took” by chance, the tups survived thanks to a perinatologist and excellent prenatal care by her OB. Kamrava is lucky she didn’t die – he would be paying off a wrongful death and medical mal-practice suit for the rest of his life!

    The State of CA has 10 charges against him related to Octo. That mess is a true travesty.

    Another patient of his wasn’t so lucky, while he was busy trying to implant embryo’s in her, she was suffering from undiagnosed ovarian cancer – she has since died.

    Octo was never diagnosed with infertility, in fact no work up was ever done and yet he implanted over 80 embryos, in 7 years! Returning 8 to 12 weeks after the birth of her children to start trying again and again. He also used an experimental procedure on her without her consent! Under oath he said she has bad ovaries – and yet he managed to pluck over 80 eggs from those bad little ovaries – lordy can we even imagine if they were good!?

    I wouldn’t let him care for a dead cat, let alone a female human being.

    His ethics are as screwed up as hers, he should not be allowed to be practicing medicine on anyone! Oh, btw – he also isn’t a specialist – he lied! (I know you are shocked!)

    He’s almost as good a liar as Octo, he even managed to squeeze out a few tears! Bravo Michael Kamrava! Maybe you and Octo can take your act on the road!

    Now Octo is making the rounds begging once again, I hope no one answers – she needs to get off her worked out backside (that she was paying a trainer for) and takes a job anywhere but in the home that should belong to her children. While what she does behind closed doors is her business – when it involves her children’s toys, she should have better sense!

    And yes she does feel like she deserves help, as she stated – even God couldn’t care for 14 children by himself! She should have thought about that before getting pregnant! She’s unbelievable!

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  8. Dr. Kamrava should be sued for child support and made to support for “his” eight children until the age of 18. This is a no-brainer!
    Get yourself a high-profile attorney for those beautiful babies!
    Get smart, Nadia!
    Good luck and God loves you and your children.

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  9. Hey yall! My sista’s friend is working on becoming the next octomom. Then I guess you’ll hate on her too? What ever. Welfare is a joke. You need to make 1000 or less to get food stamps per month. The only help they will give is medical or child care a*sistance to those making under 30000 per year. Food stamps are for the dirt poor. It is a riot that you think she is living off of welfare, she doesn’t even qualify. If she mentioned that she used those it was probably back when she had one or two kids, before she got disability payments on the kids. If you make over 2000 per month you can’t even get SSI payments for your kids so those would have been cut off for her two. The only exception is if you use the money to buy a house or car and then you are under 2000 per month. I guess Ignorance is bliss for those of you who have been wealthy enough never to have used such services. She Is living her own h**l now, leave her alone.

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  10. By the way it is too, not two, I know. I don’t think it was ethical for the doc to implant that many because it is endangering a human’s life. He was told that she would reduce, or at least that is what is being said. He made a mistake but he shouldn[t lose his license. I am not a Nadya lover but I know about the welfare system and to hear over and over that everyone’s tax dollars are going to her is B.S. and I can’t listen anymore. She is survivning off of interviews, donations, and media attention, not welfare. She is taking care of those kids, I know people who can’t take care of one let alone fourteen. The fact that she hasn’t gone insane and been hospitalized shows that she has some mental soundness. Peace.

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  11. I too think the doctor should have to pay for these 8 beautiful babies. He used VERY poor judgement and yes, needs to help support them. Da! Doc! What a dumb thing to do. That is why you as a person don’t totally trust them. Always be your own advocate. They are not GOD and don’t always know. Remember that.

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