Octomom – Girl Taking Her Nickname Literally

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Octomom - Girl Taking Her Nickname Literally, 4.3 out of 5 based on 87 ratings

15 thoughts on “Octomom – Girl Taking Her Nickname Literally

  1. Hi Nayda, I as one woman are proud of you. Instead of abort you had the zeal to carry the babies through, smile. As a religious type of woman who knows every soul is precious as a gift, it makes common sense to know a mother never considers doing anything to abort, These little ones including the other babies you already had have been given to you as a group of children who wanted you as their mother. I know with hard work and more education to take care of them you will carry this off. As to the soul of everything and anyone whose lived, I feel they will one day always return to you. So this is not conventional Christianity but makes the most sense to this great grandma whose studied many religions. Our God Center we call a soul is always leading us in the right direction when we open ourselves to hear it. Keep listening my friend and you will be just fine despite the daily toil of life.

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      • good mom or not,she is giving her kids a chance of living a good life she is single atleast she is working in some way. respect how she is taking responisbility!

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        • In-vitro fertilization means her babies were not an accident, so abortion would never have been an option anyway.

          No, she was foolish to INTENTIONALLY get pregnant DESPITE already being on welfare.
          (she got pregnant with zero s*x to do so)

          …I’m not including her first 6 kids but I am referring to her last 6 kids.

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        • So your logic is that it does not matter what her source of income is for her children, as long as she provides them one?

          In that case, she’d make far more money selling nuclear bombs…

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    • You are an idiot.

      You’re not an idiot because you’ve got no clue what’s going on. You’re an idiot because you didn’t make an effort to understand what’s going on.

      Do your research before posting your opinions randomly. Then you won’t look like an idiot.

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  2. i believe that this lady has done a great job and just had a run of bad luck .

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  3. Were you raised Catholic?
    When will your video be out for purchase.
    You are so beautiful. I wish you the best.

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  4. Nadya I think you are a great mom,I always love watching your interviews just keep up the hard work, also I think you are a beautiful woman and a strong woman, your fan jj, from arkansas.

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    • She’s got a new fan DVD out you should check out, it’s called Octomom:Home Alone.

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  5. COOL i will have to check the video out, way too go girl……………..

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  6. i wish you all the luck with your life you really need positive comments. i think you are truly trying to take care of your family. god bless you

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