Octomom in the News Again : Welfare Fraud

Well, Octomom is in the news again.  This time?  Welfare Fraud.  According to sources she failed to report $30,000 of a*sisted income (aka: welfare).  It seems like she’ll never get out of the news.  It kind of sucks because it keeps giving media and haters something to talk about.  Who knows, maybe there’s some kind of a mistake?

One thought on “Octomom in the News Again : Welfare Fraud

  1. Why do people even read this garbage? Why do you make her a celebrity? She spits out 16 children and she’s something special? Really???? Just another welfare case living off others…….the ones that watch the shows, will watch the p**n (great mom, do a p**n movie). Disgusting!!! And I wouldn’t have even known…….but she’s “trending”.

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