Octomom Strange Laughing Fits on The View

If you haven’t seen the latest Octomom interview on The View, you’ll be shocked.  Her sudden outbursts of high pitched laughter are very surprising.  The woman on The View actually call her out on the strange laughter, and at the end one of the ladies even mocks her.  During the interview she shifts swiftly in her seat to try to answer all of the interviewers questions, but seems very confused and HYPER.  Is this the way she always acts, or is she on something?

Octomom pregnant again?

She even mentions that she would have more kids if it came up in the future!

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14 thoughts on “Octomom Strange Laughing Fits on The View

  1. Yes, her choice to have the eight children is controversial. It reveals an obvious emotional imbalance. Her laugh however, is entirely irrelevant. Everyone has their own process of learning and growing in this life and she, like all of us, has issues to work out. But her process should not be judged. Just like we should not judge our own individual process of learning. It all works out in perfect time- there is no misstep.
    I’m just saying, give her a break. Don’t create drama where there is none. She appears fine. High energy is usually a sign of health. The best we can do for each other and for humanity is offer patience, compa*sion, and understanding. There is greater truth beyond the drama and criticism we impose upon our realities. Just offer some love- first to yourself and then to others. Learn to live in your heart and allow yourself to be happy.
    This is just a plea from someone who wants to see more goodness in the world.

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  2. her high energy is a sign of craziness and possibly some kind of drug use… you don’t think she may have used something to lose that weight that fast?

    How do you know what her “process” is?

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  3. Breast feeding burns thousands of calories, I can at least say that. And being a mom, itself, is a workout.
    But my point however, is that her life, with all its highs and lows, is her own learning process. It’s not our place to judge. I don’t know your life or what you go through each day, it would be unfair for me to take a few looks at you, see some decisions you made, and then criticize you. I have to offer understanding. We all learn and grow at our own rates. No rate is bad, no rate is good… its just ours.
    I don’t know what her process is and neither do you. But we don’t need to know.
    To pick her apart with judgement and criticism is recognizing only the false image of her that you have in your mind. You don’t see her is what I’m saying. None of us can truly see her- that is unless we deeply deeply knew her in a kind of heart to heart connection. And so our judgement is unfair and useless, and it offers no goodness or support.
    When you judge others, you so easily start to judge yourself- negatively. But these are only judgements, they are not the truth, and it only does you a disservice- it leads to mental breakdowns and feelings of inferiority (as you are constantly comparing yourself to others). And it gives all your power away. You no longer feel secure, because you tear yourself down and you have to rely on others to and their positive judgments to feel good about yourself. I know because this issue was a part of my own learning process. But I’ve healed, and now I can help others heal.
    This is just a negative cycle I recognize in the world, and if people could see the truth, then It would surely stop. The truth is that we are all absolutely beautiful- we are all soulfully perfect, but we deny it when we accept the negative judgements we impose upon ourselves. Just let yourself be. just as you should let Nadya be. All we can do to someone who we recognize might be struggling, is offer our support.
    Again, this is just a plea from someone who wants to see more goodness in the world.

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  4. She obviously has something going on with that erratic behavior…I find it interesting she worked in a mental inst*tution as she seem like she would have been a patient…she is very odd and her decisions reckless. ????

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  5. To Anonymous:

    You want more good in the world? There is no one that is good, in this entire world.

    No, not one.

    But I get your point.

    It’s interesting how so many people in this nation think it is their business as to how many babies any person should have, as if they have a say. And this goes beyond this case, you see it in the comments and att*tudes of many many people towards families with several children. It gives those who are judging a moment of self righteousness.

    Hypocritical really.

    All of you who believe in “don’t judge” do not practice it. As a matter of fact, your interpretation of “judge not”, which by the way, came from Jesus, is clearly wrong. But go and find what that means.

    Everyone judges. Yes, everyone.Yes, including me.

    I wonder what He meant when He said “judge not.”


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  6. I was shocked at the these educated woman on the View laughing and making fun of Nadya. I lost all respect for the View. I haven’t watched it since. We all worry about Nadya and why she has so many children and how she will raise them, but to make fun of somebody because of it… I couldn’t believe it. I would never be able to trust any of those women who sit around discussing lives of other people and having no respect for them. Shame on you!

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  7. plain and simple: octomom should have her uterus dug out with a rusty spork.

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  8. To derbie

    You are the lowest form of life. Narrow minded and evil.

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  9. I think it’s a combination of nervousness and the fact that she’s actually away from all of her children -she has so much energy, she doesn’t know what to do with it.

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  10. I actually like Nadya’s laugh. It’s funny. Besides, when she laughs, she isn’t saying anything. She’s just entertaining me. Isn’t that what shows like The View are for, entertainment? Shows like The View are also supposed to be informative. But Nadya provides very little information when she speaks. So, at times, I’ll settle for the entertainment.

    Do you remember the RadarOnline video, when the interviewer commented on Nadya’s laugh? He had a meter in his equipment that showed the level and intensity of volume while he was filming Nadya. You can hear his voice as he shows the meter to one of the children, off camera. He shows the child how the meter works, then says, “When your Mom laughs, it goes all the way up…” (Not a direct quote.) I thought that was funny and kind of sweet. If I was a kid in that house, I would enjoy hearing my Mom laugh.

    I watched the View interview and found it very entertaining. Nothing more.

    As always, none of this would be an issue if the octuplets were being raised by loving, adoptive parents with jobs.

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  11. hi and i dont live in ca but i can feel ur pain in ca ……will she pay the medical bill from the hospital ….i love children and i want so many but i know i can only handle 3….. you need a mother and a father in children lives…..if there is then thats ok but in all her interviews she saids nothing about having the father of the children there…..i know i didnt have a mother in my life and my life was screwed up…..i feel sorry for the children …….. i also want to say that she has 14 children now and she able afford shopping for her self but me a stay at home mother cant afford to go to the dallor store for my self …all my money goes to my kids and thats how it sppose to be when you want kids………………………… now anywhen one wants to comment to me then do it a old fashion and send a letter …….4 pine st. Norwalk,ohio 44857…..AND PLEASE SEND DONATIONSSSSS PLEASE (HA HA JUST MESSIN WITH UUUUUU)

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  12. I just stumbled upon this website after reading about the Octo-Doctor losing his license. I haven’t followed this story much, but here are my thoughts… First, she can not afford to have all of those children. When it comes to the economy, the s**t is about to hit the fan. The dollar is losing it’s value quickly and we are looking at a situation of enormous food inflation and it’s going to hit us soon. Texas recently lost 2/3 of its winter wheat crop. Farmers all along the Mississippi River have had complete crop losses due to flooding. And the majority of corn grown in this country is going to ethanol production. It is getting to the point where when I see any woman with a baby, I feel sorry for the baby and hope they will have enough to eat… I believe famine is coming and it will be wide spread.

    Second, I have six kids myself, I am a mother of multiples, all conceived naturally, no IVF. Those of us with big families should be prepared to stand on our own two feet. I homeschool my six, we grow our own food, we raise our own livestock and we create our own electrical power through wind turbine and solar voltaic panels. I don’t see this family of fourteen kids doing any of that! I think it’s foolish to be so dependent on the government to educate your kids, to help with your groceries and don’t get me started on our failing infrastucture!! Let me tell you something, I have no doubt I would qualify for food stamps if I applied. I won’t do it. It is foolish to become dependent on an unsustainable system, which is what we have in America. No thank you!

    And Octomom, get out in the garden and grow some food!

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  13. If a person has the funds to support a large family, and can do so without government a*sistance, state a*sistance, or donations from charities or private citizens, then power to them. If they are emotionally stable and can adequately nurture and raise a large family, power to them. This woman is none of the above. She has had all those children as a way of becoming famous, that is all. Very much like the surgery to look like Angelina Jolie. It is all cries for attention. The children are just her means of going from point A to point B.

    Yes, hold the doctor accountable too, by all means. But it all boils down to this woman being in trouble. Mentally.

    We have laws against hoarding animals, yet people do things like this, and there is no law against it. We should not glorify, glamorize or otherwise condone this behavior. This woman should be in therapy and should be made to work each and every day to help pay back any fund that is helping to support her.

    Nuff said

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