Octomom Nadya Suleman on Oprah Show

Some people are commenting after Octomom’s recent appearance on Oprah’s TV show and it seems many feel bad for her and think she’s actually doing a great job with her kids.  She discusses many of the most criticized news stories like her adult film offer and reality TV show offer.  She mentions that she would never think of doing an adult show  and that she wouldnt put her children through a TV show because it’s borderline abusive.  Shes says shes not the cooky character the media makes her out to be.

When you watch the video below you can get an idea of how crazy her days must be.

Octomom Oprah Video

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7 thoughts on “Octomom Nadya Suleman on Oprah Show

  1. i am willing to help how do i get intouch Nadya to do so.. i can be reached through e-mail or phone 269-408-**** i have the resources to be able to help just contact me asap

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  2. Nadya, I am a single mother and I just want to appologize for the way the public judges you,as if they have a right. It angers me.It must be so hard to deal with the critisism when you are just doing the right things and haveing a life, loving your family.

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  3. I have a hard time acceping the statement, “I would never put a children through a tv show because that’s borderline abusive.” (Not a direct quote.) At the time of her appearance on Oprah, the children had already been on tv and the internet.

    The Radaronline interviews and videos.

    The Eyeworks documentary.

    The interview which was shown in Australia, both online and on tv.

    The Fox Special.

    And so on…these 14 children have been shown, over and over again. Right up to the most recent yard sale and auction.

    Per Nadya’s words, her children have already been the subjects of “borderline abuse.” And this abuse is justified by claiming it’s necessary to generate enough income to support the children and their caregivers.

    But I disagree. Abuse is never justifiable, imo.

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  4. Everyone that comments on this site needs to watch the interview an then judge.

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  5. You guys are the dumbest of all. I can’t believe how much you guys want to help and support this woman for bring all these children into the world. Folks like you do not have the common sense. If she was married and her husband did her wrong and LEFT her with those kids, yeah my heart goes out. but serious, you inpregnant yourself with embryos to have that many kids? get out of here!! Its hard to raise and care for children. I have two and its hard. But do I want more, no because I choose not have more. Nothing wrong with large families because my grandmother came from a large family but seriously, people i seen the oprah and she didn’t look very healthy nor mentally stable. I hope they put out a law for people who can’t take care of kids they have and wanting more. Its common sense people, we have a choice of raising our families safe, healthy and mentally wise. But asking for the support of other people to raise your kids is a big no no.

    For the dude that called Oprah a name, p**s off. Oprah chose to become a person of character and integrity. She came from a era where things are chaotic and changed her views and life to helping others. She may not have children but I know people who DO NOT have plenty of sense of how to raise a kid with the PROPER resources, love and teaching when they become parents. Anyone can have kids but it takes A PARENT to raise them.

    Oh yeah if this a black woman this wouldn’t get the attention. And making that statement is the way how America views the black woman that have kids and work the system. Doesn’t matter what color but having kids as the advantage to not work and getting the government to pay is a disrespect and a slap in the face. Single parents get the bad rap as to others but you guys can be sick and twisted all you want supporting this lady. Wrong is wrong, bring a kid takes a great amount of responsibly to raise them as a well adjusted human being to carry out the best in all.

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  7. The Media doesn’t make it seem like she is crazy, she does.

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