Octomom Night : Airhogs Host Ballpark Night

Games like “Guess How Many Buns Are in My EZ Bake Oven” will be among the featured events when minor-league baseball’s Grand Prairie AirHogs in Taxas host “Octomom Night.”

In honor of the Suleman octuplets in California, the independent league club said Wednesday it will also have a Diaper Derby and a stroller race the night of the June 13 game.

Groups of eight or more will be offered half-price admission and if the AirHogs score eight or more runs during the game, every fan will get a ticket to another game

At least some people are making light of the crazy Octo Mom story!

3 thoughts on “Octomom Night : Airhogs Host Ballpark Night

  1. they should have also thrown hotdogs down the hallway & offered a sort of darts game using turkey basters full of mayo, just for more silliness. please tell me the proceeds went to planned parenthood or to help infertile couples to help pay for IVF or adoption fees.

  2. That was such a kewl idea!!! I wonder if there were more events like this? Did this result in more donations to Nadya and her children?

    I hope not.

    I’m all for celebrating the historical event of the Suleman Octuplets. I just don’t believe it’s a good idea to send money to Nadya Suleman, or to her company, Harmony Enterprises.

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