Octomom’s Next Plan to Pay for her Hospital Bill


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Octomom's Next Plan to Pay for her Hospital Bill, 3.9 out of 5 based on 26 ratings

One thought on “Octomom’s Next Plan to Pay for her Hospital Bill

  1. Seems about right! You’ve w***ed yourself, ruined a doctor’s career, family & life (why did you keep going back to him? why did you refuse to abort at least a few of the fetuses if you so “concerned” for their welfare?), & have now taken to whoring your children out to “buy” another home to destroy! Good going PIG! You claim to be off of “welfare” but we all know it’s BS. Keep milking Social Security for those kids’ “disabilities.” We all know that their only “disability” is having to claim you as their “mother!” You’re no better than a ghetto queen. Those kids will never have a good life until they can get FAR, far away from you. So how long before you trash the next house then let it go to foreclosure? What happens when the public refuses to fall prey to your “cry for help?” You sicken me!

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