Otomom on Welfare?

In the wake of her new financial crisis, Octomom has a new opportunity to earn enough cash to save her house and feed her 14 kids … if she’ll do a little p**n.

TMZ has learned Vivid Entertainment has fired off a letter to Nadya Suleman … offering $500,000 — if she agrees to shoot “one scene for one hour.”

As we previously reported, Octo will get booted from her L.A. area home if she doesn’t come up with enough cash to cover thousands of dollars of back payments … and a $450,000 balloon payment due on October 9.

But Vivid claims if Nadya agrees to the XXX offer, it can “arrange for [payment] to happen quickly so that you will get paid in advance of your October 9th deadline.”

Vivid offered Octo a million bucks for a p**no deal back in 2009 — but you know what they say, time is money … shot.

Source: TMZ

15 thoughts on “Otomom on Welfare?

  1. I give her credit for trying to raise these kids; however, the money that she is receiving is being taken from the people of CA. Why should we be footing the bill just because she had all of these kids? Additionally, IF she does decide to go the p**n route and earn big bucks to save her home, those children should be removed from the home and placed in foster care. She is nothing more than a money grubbing sorry-excuse-for a mother.

  2. I wish she would just take the p**n deal. Seriously. I wish she had taken the first one offered to her. If she had been doing p**n all this time, Vivid would’ve given her and her children medical and dental benefits.

    But, when interviewed by TMZ recently, she said she’ll do anything unless it requires that she takes off her clothes.

  3. Sounds like it is her problem to me. She is the idiot that had more kids then she could afford. Stay the h**l out of my pockets just becase you don’t have a brain in your head.

  4. All the kids were the product of in-vitro, so the only person who was really accessing her “between the legs” region was her doctor…at least, when it came to conception.

    But yeah – seriously, just do the p**n already. Don’t go on welfare, because the American taxpayer isn’t responsible for taking care of your 14 kids you chose to have. She purposely got pregnant every single time.

  5. What I advice you to do is sell your house and move out of California asap. The state of California is very expensive especially taking care of many kids. What you owe on the house is way to much. Move to another state like Texas. Good Luck!

  6. When the welfare runs out then what. How about inventing something for children and finding an invester to pay to get it patented. How long will the welfare last? How about starting an ebay business really soon, and hopefully it will take off by the time the welfare runs out. You could name your ebay store Octomoms, which should help bring business. You could sell childrens toys, etc. that would be dropshipped. I think the octomom would be a good business woman, she is quite intelligent(I don’t care what other people think).

  7. What if the octuplets had never been born, and Nadya had given birth to a singleton baby? She would have been the mother of 7 children. She still would have been a single, unemployed, under educated, living on welfare and student loans, living in her mother’s house, low-rent con artist mother with 7 children. She wouldn’t have made the news at all. We never would have heard of her.

    What would Nadya have done then?

    The Worker’s Comp settlement would still have happened, and she would have had enough money from that to get her by. She would have gotten more welfare, certainly. She would have continued her education to keep money coming in and to forestall making any payments on the student loans. It’s possible she would be pregant again by now, because like some welfare moms, having babies is a way of scamming the government for more benefits.

    But we wouldn’t have heard anything about it. No one would have been concerned about her 7 children, or of any future children, other than those closest to her.

    Welfare benefits would have been the best course for her to take, and they still are now. It’s an outrage for tax payers to support her, it’s true. But through the welfare system, the government has a little more leeway to step in and, quite possibly, take the kids away. It also gives her less money to spend on her rather expensive lifestyle.

    Nadya always says she doesn’t want to go on welfare and she needs to use the media for money. Of course she doesn’t want welfare. That would mean more interference in her scamming ways and it would mean less money for her. So, imo, let her have welfare.

    A state social worker would have insisted on Jonah’s cleft lip being repaired months ago.

    Bottom line: None of this would be an issue if the children were being raised by loving, responsible, adoptive parents with jobs.

  8. THIS MAY SOUND S*XIEST TO EVERYONE OUT THERE, She solve all her problems with by taking VIVID studios offer and do one movie. The owner of vivd would pay off her mortage. And she would has cash in her account. I know there would be a demand for her dvd. By the who wouldn’t rent look at montana fishburne need I SAY ANYMORE…

  9. @Saih Sanchez and others – I agree with you. She should take the Vivid offer. I’d love to pay off my home in one afternoon! I have a couple of relatives who have worked as s******rs (or erotic dancers) to support their children. They are nice people who needed to earn an honest buck. There are many former p**n stars who are leading nice, normal upstanding lives. They used their income for current expenses and investments. They became authors, went into agribusiness, this list goes on. Somehow, Nausea considers herself too “moral”, too high and sweet, to even consider the Vivid’s offer. Instead, she would rather beg the public for money.

    And the worst part about this is the mixed message she sends to the public. Nadya is obviously very proud of her figure and likes to show off almost to the border of exhibitionism. Look how she dresses for errands, interviews, outings. She has invested alot of time and money on her body and will not cover it up. Even the bikini spread indicates that Nadya knows, s*x sells. Keeping her lips full is an invitation to oral s*x, and making her eyes look round and innocent is another attraction.

    When she turned down the Vivid offer, it was to tease the male audience in her public, imo. “Ain’t I great? Well, you can’t have me!”

    I just wish she would cover up the camel toe. Yuck.

    As always, this wouldn’t be an issue if the children were being raised by loving, adoptive parents with jobs.

  10. My gosh she is a human being and so are her kids..if she was a blond fair skinned person i think people would be saying different things about her.. they would probably say positive things.. Why doesn’t people say negative comments about pycho babblehead kate plus 8 everyone says positive things about her when in fact she is the most fakist trailer trash thing in the world..GOSH I HATE KATE SO DAMM MUCH…SHE NEEDS TO GO LIVE IN RUSSIA OR SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE OF THE U.S.A….GEEZ quit picking on octo mom already…..

  11. Ok, the physician that implanted her with all those embryos needs to lose his license. She obviously lied on the Oprah interview. If you look at the bikini shots you can see the incision scars above her hips (better job than Kate G, who’s umbilicus is way too high). Octo is covering her hips in most of the pics; and one photo shows her saggy thighs- so she is selling the wrong impression. Why isn’t she honest, she would be so much more attractive, unless the whole Oprzah interview was staged

  12. Why do you all judge? Are you perfect? The systems are screwed up people are doing the best they can in most cases. People need to help each other no matter what. We are all human and none of us are without fault.

  13. If p**n was the last resort for me to feed and take care of my kids d**n straight I would do it and I wouldnt think twice!!

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