I have a question for you. Are you serious??? ARE YOU SERIOUS???? Please stop degrading yourself with all this c**p. Do something that your children will be proud of. Are they going to look back and say, “Wow, our mom did something with her life”, or are they going to say, ” I can’t believe she did that.” Get a real job. It doesn’t seem like you’ve even attempted a real job. I don’t know. I’m not in your situation, but you kinda put yourself in this situation.

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  1. To the person telling nadya to get a real job, well that would be nice but then shes gonna have to pay for childcare and she probably wont make enough money to pay for childcare. Look instead of pointing out the obvious to nadya maybe people could offer some real solutions

  2. She was donated at least a million plus the first year the octuplets were born and spent it all on plastic surgery, expensive clothes for herself, and little on the babies. Just how much do you think she deserves?

  3. Okay lets do the math she gets 1 mill minus taxes about 850,000 divided by 14 children plus herself = 56,666 per month to live on for 15 people = out to 3777 dollars per person. Have you ever seen her electric bill, gas bill, wayer bill, food bill??? Etc… In the big scheme of things 1 mil is not that much money for a family of 15 people especially if most of the family is under the age of 10 years old

    • So it’s really not the public’s problem. She should stop expecting everyone to feel sorry for her and support her family when she spends what was donated to her on plastic surgery and luxuries. She needs to be more proactive, but she wants to be a star.

  4. Hey i am not saying it was a good choice either to have 8 more children when u already have 6 but beating nadya over the head is not going to help her or the children. Maybe people dont want to give her the money but im sure there are people who can donaye some of thier time to help her out

  5. Jo, be our guest. You can move in with her and babysit while she shops and flies all over for her p**n promotions. Nobody is stopping you, dear.

  6. If I was her neighbor I would help her out but Im not so I cannot physically do anything for her. Realistically if Cps has not taken the children from her and she is their main breadwinner even if she had a fulltime job she wouldnt be able to pay for childcare while she worked, its not rocket science. Anyone is ill prepared to raise 14 children all under the age of 10 by one’s self!!! I dont like it either that her choices have created havoc in 14 innocent children and its really sad that she has resorted to p**n to feed her children how demeaning not just for her but those children. My point in responding to anyone’s post that bashes nadya is that in doing so you are not helping the situation. Whether we all like it or not these children are here and nadya is still mithering them. Isnt there anyone who has a house, a vehicle to carry all the children, free childcare so nadya can work and put all of this in a trust for the children and once and for all prove whether or not what nadya says is true that what she does is all for her children. I myself if I already had 6 children as a single parent I certainly wouldnt have made the choice to have more. Her parents say they are against what she does yet their actions dont match their words either, they ate called enablers!! So the apple does not fall from the tree. All things nadya said she would never do she does, she speaks out of both sides of her mouth and I find her to be quite emotionally mature. But aside from all that those children are suffering from neglect and either the proper authorities need to step in and do something or other people need to rise up and help those children. Bashing nadya is not helping the situation.

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