Retired couple will help you raise children…

Hi Nadya (Octomom), My husband and I have followed all of the news reports since you delivered your 8 babies. I/we are not writing to judge or to advise you. They are your babies. We have been married 25 years, and can help you with feeding, diapering, watching, loving, all of your children. There is no strings attached! We are in good health and not wanting anything from you.  Seriously, I have several small pets (Maltese) and when I go to the bathroom and they often crowd around, each wanting to be specially noticed and loved – I have thought of you and your 14! This is simply meant to be an honest observation and wonder how you do it.  We live in a quiet neighborhood in the country in rural Tennessee. If you would like to explore the possibility of a nice pair of ‘grans’ in-house to help you, feel free to contact me. I am not going to leave a number, name or address because of the people who would read something bac into my letter. We are Christians and believe God wants us to help one another if we can. Once again, I am not judging what you have done, but I deeply admire your courage to take on such a huge and lifelong responsibility! God bless you Nadya.  Bendi’s Mom

One thought on “Retired couple will help you raise children…

  1. Please take her a*s to your state, we don’t want here. Good luck though, she needs starbucks and the most expensive clothes to fulfill her selfish needs. Then again you guys will be watching her litter leaving her free to shop around the world.

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