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248 thoughts on “Write a Letter to Octomom

  1. Nadya, hopefully this website will send this letter to you. My only comment is this:

    Please ask a judge to appoint a well know investment firm to handle your financial affairs. The investment firm should be required to report monthly to the judge, the status of investments, income and expenses. In other words you need a personal accountant to take care of your finances. There will be sufficient money available to you through movie rights, book rights and and endorsements of baby products, pregnancy fashions, exercise equipment etc., that you will not have to be on welfare at all. The percentage of profit allocated to the investment accounting firm should be fixed by the judge to a reasonable amount to keep the investment firm from ripping you off. There is plenty of money to be made for all and you can change your life in a positive way for you and your children. Talk to an attorney and see if this can be arranged. Try to ignore the bitter jealous people anxious to pull you down to their level of infantile hatred.

    I wish the best for you and your family.

    • Do you really think anyone is jealous of this mentally ill person? And considering her only income is welfare and social security disability for several of her kids, I can’t imagine what the h**l an investment firm can do with that.

  2. H**lo Nadya!

    From “Las Vegas” Where Money “NEVER” Sleeps!!!

    Nadya, I have a “Very Important” and “Lucrative”
    Business Proposition for YOU! This is a “FIRST”
    and you could “SKYROCKET” your Finances almost
    INSTANTLY! ZERO! Lead TIME to put into ACTION!

    It can be “INSTANT” Profits and Cash Flow for you
    and there is No Investment on your part!

    Please Call Me at your Earliest Convenience!

    Many Thanks!

    Phil Kaczmarek

  3. My Dear Madam,

    Good morning.I sincerely hope that you are keeping very fine,in good health.Please accept my heartiest wishes on your birthday,on 11th July.

    This is one of my countless attempts to reach you,as you have always been my source of inspiration,I’ll be grateful to you,if you please bless me,with your autographed photograph.Though I never got despite my countinous efforts,but I hope that you would not disappoint me,this time.I pray that may God always keep you happy and healthy.

    Once again,”HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!!!!!!!!!”
    With high regards
    Sanjay Kumar Joshi
    17A,Jadulal Mullick Road

  4. Put Octomom and her children in jail where they belong. I get her cooterhole smells like onions and doo doo.

  5. Dear Nadya,

    H**lo, I work for a Japanese TV production company and we are interested in doing an interview with you.

    If you are interested in, could you please contact me via email at your earliest convenience, so that we can discuss the detail of our program and filming?

    Best Regards

  6. dear nadya suleman please no more stripping gigs and resign your p**n career and star in your own tv reality show with your kids and do a tv talk show as a talk show host and a tv personality hosting tv talk shows a hosting tv reality shows no more stripping gig and no more p**nography careers no more ever just a tv hosting careers as a tv personality that will be good job for you because like you to be tv host & a tv personality but p**nography careers is kind of awful and dumber just be a tv host and a tv personatily that will be a good job and nice good career for you mrs. nadya suleman I love you and I support you so continue being a tv host and a tv personality for good. signed peter Rowland. thank you

  7. Very nice and warm lady Nadya Suleman. Leave her and her children alone! She’s just trying to make it in this messed u world , Dont you people have any thing else to do other then messing with her and her kids.

  8. dear nadya suleman
    please don’t be a s******r forget about being p**n star and forget about being actress just be a tv personality a tv host and also starring in your own reality tv show and host your own tv talk show and you can also host different reality tv shows to as a tv personality and a tv host you can start a tv hosting career as a tv personality and a tv host too you can work as tv host and tv hosting will be your job career so you can make lots of money support your kids you can have 5 adult relitives to help you with your kids and help you clean house too as a celebrity you can be in the spotlight as nadya octomom suleman tv host and tv personality host..

    signed peter rowland. thank you.

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