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  1. This is why I believe that women should not have the right to have children or make any decisions without a mans approval and say-so. womens brains are obviously too small to make and comprehend such life altering decisions, as ms. nadia suleyman has proven.. Although “LARGE” families were once common place in America today people need to take a more realistic approach to having and rearing children.
    I for one came from a family of 12, although all but 2 were aborted in thier 9th trimester. ( I of course bieng the strongest male and, all the useless females were aborted)

      • so 2 of your brothers or sisters were euthanised by a doctor at 18months??? is that what you mean by 9th trimester????

        also there was a male doctor involved who could of told her to F-off because she was a single parent with a large family already but apparently being male he thought it was a great idea! he lost his medical license and now has filed for bankruptcy.

        men and women both has the capacity to be stupid and greedy.

      • dear octo-b***h
        you make me sick, having children is to be cherrished, (unless its an accident, then f**k it).
        but the fact that you would purposly inpregnate 8 chilren in yourself solely for the reason of publicity makes me sick. you are a pethetic exuse for a humna, brn in h**l b***h. 🙂

        • J**k weather or not a baby is planned or not ..no baby should ever be killed,y’all can talk all the trash u want ,I believe a baby is a priceless gift from God, and all people who are pro-choice you suck I hope the burn in h**l is worth it , my own sister killed her baby excuse me murdered her baby , I will never look at her with the respect and love I did once ,nobody is an exception all who kill,murder babies deserve the karma and every bad thing that happens to them in there life…

    • That is a True example that a man should not have a voice to talk !!!!! Maybe your mom made the wronge decision to raise you after she killed maybe two more intelligent babies!!!

        • Better person my a*s, who should have the right to pick and choose what baby they want,,nobody..if u have s*x and get pregnant and u don’t want it,give it to someone who will love it, u open your legs and a baby should die for your mistake,people don’t realize babies feel pain, of being torn apart ,ppl who are pro-choice should be tortured ,even if I was raped I’d never kill a baby my baby, read up on abortion,watch videos enjoy the material a*swipes, anyone pregnant don’t want your baby don’t kill it , I’ll love it I don’t care who u are,give the baby to someone who will love the baby,

    • Learn how to spell befor you leave a comment.. You are going to talk about brains when you cant even get her name right..So lets not compare a womans brain to a mans…..

      • Wasting your breath on an obviously fundamental Muslim who would stone his own mother to death for being raped while high fiving & having tea with the rapist is pointless. His father is obviously a wild boar & his aborted siblings, who were aborted in their ninth trimester (hahahahahahaha) which would make them about 4 years old each were probably much smarter than this PIG could hope to be.

    • Get over yourself and admit your gay. Get off her back because it.s tough to raise kids nomatter how many you have. We all do the best we can with what we have to work with. I don.t know many men who can handle a child well anyway so after you figure out your an idiot you can apolagize to every woman on the face of the planet.

    • You are clearly someone that causes red flags for me and the reason why domestic violence leads to death. I feel bad for anyone that gets into a relationship with you, but I am sure I will read about your family soon enough when they all end up dead because you finally fall off your rocker

    • What a horrible comment to say kill these 8 children. Octomom I admire her, she takes care of 14 children something no man on earth could ever do. He hated his own sisters and just a woman hater. Needs to be locked up.

      • That’s just it, she doesn’t take care of her children! She is raising them on tax-payer money and donations of others. She does not have a job. She had these children because she was “in love” with the sperm donor and wanted his attention. PATHETIC!

        • Don’t sound so money hungry, did she personally take from you ,then u should shut your mouth, maybe she can’t take care them all , but she has them ,they live,they r not to blame ,it is what it is, and it ain’t your business

    • Your mother will answer to God,abortion is murder,cant stand idiots who say a fetus isn’t a baby till birth,, shame on your mother I hope her guilt shakes her everyday of her life, and u well u seem the mistake, after eleven or so abortions well maybe she couldn’t afford yours at the moment I’m sure she thought of it. A!#?#!#

    • Umm this is why Beyoncé sang that song “Girls we run this world” because dumba*s men like you think that just because you have a f**king stick in between your legs and can impregnate women that your f**king ironman!! Uhh noooooooooooooooo with a capital F**K YOU!!! haven’t you noticed or try to with that small capsule or should I say peanut in your head that you think women are just here to have babies and do nothing well we have babies and its the most awful pain you could ever have in your life but we keep our children instead and yet because of that what we go through you think were stupid of making a “dumb” decision to because were females and only think with out emotions instead of your pencils between your hairy legs!! Women have babies and thus have the right to keep them no matter what or how many you have!! A baby or should I say babies is what you were and your mother was the person to S**T YOU OUT!!! The babies is what I am referring to in this case with octomom and she is a women with a choice to have as many children as she wants because she is a women and that gives her the absolute right to keep all those babies and have them!!!!!! And that my stupid male specimen is what we call an argument with the different species as we call A*****E!!!!!

  2. I think Frank’s remarks about women in general are manifestly wrong (to put it mildly), but in the specific case of Nadya, they definitely fit the bill.
    One of the reasons people are so agitated about this story is precisely because Nadya’s behaviour is so far removed from that of women in general.

    For the next 20 years, Nadya will have to rely on selling her story through photo-shoots, reality shows and book deals, because even if she did land a regular 9 to 5 job, there just wouldn’t be time left to raise the children, too. Insisting on doing it all by herself is not the commendable approach some people like to think; it’s a delusional, counter-productive down-ward spiral that serves only to alienate her from those with the heart or capacity to help her.

  3. This women has made an enormous error of judgement and she knows this. She is now trying to do the best she can. She comes across as a very well-intentioned, intelligent, loving mother. Give the woman a break. she is trying to make the best of a difficult situation. I could not have done this, but the proper thing to do would have been to adopt them out to loving people who can’t have one child.

      • I have placed a child for adoption, No it is not easy, but it was the right choice. She should have placed all 8 of the octuplets. She could barely take care of the other 6 she already had. So irresponsible.

  4. Its really p**sing me off slagging nadya suleman off if she wants to have a big family then let her and to all those haters in the USA stop smashing her windows all thanks to you lot she had to have the top of the range CCTV’s installed all you people in the USA i take it you nothing better else to do with your lives stop sending her death threats what would you do if you had death threats you would go to your local police but she cant she has babies to look after and i have one myself i live in the United Kingdom and if someone over here has a big family us english dont send death threats and your press needs to back off what will happen if someone came out and smashed your cameras you will go nuts so everyone BACK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. These are God’s children, come on people.
    I would like to first and foremost give you credit for the strength you hold within. People will always judge, but the key to hold to your heart can only be turned if allowed.
    “God grant me the sernity to accept the things I can’t change and the courage to change the things that you can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

    What I would like to suggest to HELP YOU is this, if people are going to be mean and negaitive toward you or your family don’t feed into it. Don’t read things that are going to bring you down. I know that you wanted a family and it is up to you to provide that family. We as a society have become so hurtful and harmful with our actions and words that we are crumble as a society. Until we decide that, WE will be more HELPFUL and less harmful this land we all call home, will be destoryed by hatered.

    You as a mom are doing a great job and I know that it is hard. I am proud of you and proud of those kiddos. They need to know that they and you are loved. With that being said reamain POSITIVE and keep smiling and let go of the fears that others have placed into you. Remember the sernity prayer and take a deep breathe and say it.

    • You are completly right let us not judge or be judged. only god has that right. and her kids have lots of love. you cant say that for everyone…so we can all try to show some compa*sion…


  6. Hey All You People!

    Reading all these comments is funny to me, because what no one seems to be realizing is that if people (and the media) did not keep bashing Nadya (Octomom), she would not be able to make ANY money to support her kids! The only reason she gets paid to do interviews or “boxing” matches or anything is because she is such a spectacle. Although personally I side both with those saying not to judge her AND those saying she knew full well what she was doing and was “blessed” by a DOCTOR not the “Lord”, if you really care about those kids KEEP ON BASHING THEIR MOTHER!!!! If the media frenzy dies down, then she’ll REALLY be dependent on taxpayer dollars. As much as I think she got herself into this mess, I don’t want to see those 14 kids ending up homeless in the streets, although they probably will end up that way considering that most of America is heading in that direction. 🙁 Anyway, I’m just saying.


  7. I think we all need to stop kidding ourselves!!! She claimed today on Dr. Drew’s Life Changes. that she NEVER had internet! She is a d**n liar and bad excuse of a person who “meant well”. If she wanted to feed the children, she would learn to super coupon or actually thought about her actions before she implanted herself with 8 embryos. My husband and I are educated, both full time employed, and have student debt. We have to wait 2 more years to have a kid because we cannot phantom not giving our children every opportunity to be great. we are paying for stupid people like this.
    I am over this woman and all she wants is to get endorsed by someone but the moment someone endorses her, I will never use that service or get anything for that company. She needs to get a job like everyone else. Loser

    • Really? But I bet you watch Kate plus eight huh? Or the Dugers…whatever that whack jobs name is. And you will refuse to watch that station? awe…I bet the entertainment business is so scared…..
      You state you cant stand her…but yet you took the time to visit the site and write on it…

    • Don’t. Wait. Too long to have. Children , U. Don’t. Know. How. To. B. a. Mother or. Feel. The. Love. Of a child or children,!! Nada is not a looser! It. Takes a. Real. Mother. To. Raise. These. Children! We. Stand. Behind you Nadya! Keep. Up the. Good. Mother u are !

    • She might need to learn alot of things.. but dont you get it she needs time to do it. so give her time to learn…

  8. Its a shame that Nadya has to put up with the torment that she does. I applaud her courage. Her children are lucky to have her, a lot of kids dont have that that much at all.

  9. Dear Nadya, you have some beautiful children, and when they are all grown up they will take care of you because you have been a good mother.

  10. I hope all of your kids are doing well. I hope in the near future there will be a program to update the public on you all progress.

  11. Hi Nadya. I hope this note finds you well despite the many sleepless nights! My name is Scott. I live in Vancouver. Listen, I know what it’s like to be in a big family, as I was adopted a few months after I was born. So, you plan to not date..? Ya can’t say I spend my time staring at you when your out to lunch, or shopping. I am asking, or telling you, I’d be interested in knowing you more, if you’d like. I have no family, as my parents have pa*sed as well as my brothers for various reasons. I’m 46, divorced, and no children, but I do have 5 God children, making Christmas just as expensive! I’ll end it there. Please fell free to write back if you’d like, or even get a free moment.

    Be well.

  12. first off its nobody’s business about what this woman does ok second who are we to judge and pre judge? i must admit i didn’t care for this woman either but after seeing her pics and listening to what she had to say it change my mind thoughts She is very attractive in my book however i don’t agree about the man part, but i guess she feels like every other woman feels knowing this s*x crazed society .Anyway my prayers as well as all of us needs to let her up in prayer everyday taking care of 14 kids is a full load and with the BS media getting in her business it makes it no easy not to find work but people coming to visit her i bet if i or any male who tried to help her wow it be all over the papers to the trashy tabloids ADVICE TO AMERICA PRAY FOR HER AND THE HEALING!!! GOD BLESS SISTER SUE

    • thats the spirit ronald! you are soooo right in what you’ve said. may the good lord bless all of us who wish no ill on our neighbor, delliver us from these evil ones, whose workings are after the likeness of what was done to Jesus. Hear our prayers Lord Jesus

  13. yea, i’m just wondering how after 9 months of being pregnant how she didn’t pop with all them kids in her and also wondering how long it took for her to get all them kids out… it’s kinda astonishing, and i congradeulate her on her efforts of being an octo mom, not that many woman have had that many kids at one time. congrats

  14. I saw you on yahoo news, and I think you were great especially about the host not being very nice. I’m running a publishing company, and I was wondering if you could write a hundred pages or so, and provide some pictures about being octamom, your life, your kids, or whatever you think you would want to tell a lot of people. It’s not much harder than writing a website. I would like to see something you wrote, and maybe offer you a book contract.

    John Crandall, Editor, Eldorado Publishing

  15. Heres the thing…the only difference between her and Kate plus 8 and the Dugers..or whatever that whacky familys name is, they got a tv deal..she didnt. They wouldnt be able to afford their lifestyle either had they not got that tv deal. If she would get a tv deal….everyone would love her and she would be rich and it would have a happy ending. Kate plus eight is just as whacky as this one. And the Dugers are on what nineteen kids “cuz God said so”…come on people!!!! I think they should give her a show..if for no other reason that entertainment for us…and money for those kids.

    • Wrong the Duggars had money before the show began from an Auto dealership and real estate business. The however are married and have means to provide, they do not have to discrace themselves to make a living for their children.



  16. I am a RN; I have a RN for 19 years. I wanted to merely send an email of emotional and spiritual support for the efforts of your endeavor. I watched your CNN time with Dr. Drew. You express yourself both cogently and insightfully, but your support system(s) are indeed lacking. You manifest much strength of character to perservere as you do…you do know many others can and could not, yet this awareness still does not add an extra hour of restful sleep in your days/nights.. It is difficult for you to see so much mean spiritedness coming from others. I wanted to send at least an email of kindness.

  17. H**lo Nadya,
    I dont know what to say. I would like to help you. Contact me in my email. I shall send some money often as possible. I dont know about your thoughts, what you did was right or wrong.. Iam just concerned about the kids. Thats all. Just raise them well..please. It is a request.

  18. Altho I do not agree with anyone having 14 children without means to support them, it is what it is. This woman has these children and is doing the best she can, they are here and deserve the same help as anyone with
    with children, I prefer her to have my tax dollars as the the many drug addicts that use our system to support their drug habits. We need to support these children, in condemning their mother we are condemning them.
    Nadya, you have my support as a mother with whatever you need to do to care for your children.

  19. Nadja…you get whatever help you want,your family is more important than anything. These children are here and that is it. You should be getting a house built to accomadate you and your family you should have help in every way possible to keep you sane. I can’t think of a harder job than being around 14 kids 24/7. I am ashamed that I live in a world that allows all this hate that comes your way. You had no idea that all the children would come into this world at once and the media acts like this was planned, I can’t believe that it is still coming your way.If I had the money I would pay for you stay at home with the kids until legal adults and then a extended vacation.You are sooo strong. There are people who are rooting for you, we just don’t get on t.v. Keep your head up, your kids are getting older and I think they will look back on how strong you stayed. Remember Nadja…get whatever help you need through the state, families with great jobs are getting help for there needs and working for you to stay above water is not realistic. You being there is best until they are older also I hope you get a break to keep you sane you really deserve it. jade

  20. Really? I mean really? Do not wake up one day or any day and b***h that you are tired, stressed or can’t handle this. You chose this, you wanted this so deal with this. You have no right to call yourself a good person. You are a selfish freak who thought nothing of the children. Only what they could do for you and your strange ego. Shame on you freak nasty. Now your pawning dirty s&m videos to support your brood. Wow, hope those kids don’t see how mommy makes money, oh thats right the same way she has kids, fast and unnatural. You are severally mentally challenged.


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  22. Hi nadya do not litsen to negative coments and god for you and your show god bless you and your children all the negative people are jelouse and miserable and there life are not expose that’s why they are so good at pointing fingers they must be the worst human being in the planet they should not comment negative keep it to there self. Octo mom you rock god bless you.

  23. dear nadya
    your are very beautiful and seem very sweet even with all the pressure live has put on you.
    keep your chin up, if you want it, there are men out there who love large families and would be lucky to have you in their lives.
    i pray for you and your family.
    all the best in your future.

  24. This is not a bash only fact her pluming is broke and she can not afford 150 to fix it but spent 520 on her hair she is having her kids use potty chairs since the tolites do not work she also may loose her kids if child services feels they need to step in. She needs help! problem is with so many kids she can not get a normal job and her 15 mins of fame are gone. At this point it looks like the tax payers will flip her bill for the next 16 years

  25. I wish you peace! I have no problem sending you a little cash from time to time Isnt that what we’re put here on earth for to help one another

  26. we all make decisions that we regret somewhere in our lives the best thing to do after that is to correct our bad choice and try to make good ones from there but remenber that to keep making bad choice like p**n to make money is just another dis connected choice. work for God and he will work for you.

  27. nadya is a wonderful mom who loves her children no matter her circumstances she should be helped instead of all that critism

  28. H**lo Nadya,I saw you on Dr.Drew’s show tonight.I just felt that I needed to share these scriptures with you.Psalm 34th and John 15th verse 7.You know God loves you very much and I hate to see you being mistreated by people.Some of the 1st few callers were a reflection of themselves.Being hateful and judging.I could see God’s people coming through the calls And you had said I get more positive mail.. I had been trying after hearing the 1st woman speaking.Nadya,Jesus died for her also but yet she is lost and going to give you advice bast on gossip,lies.I wanted to apolize to you for being hurt by cruel and ugly words.We all hear these kind of people who so much have the answer by hurting others to get their point across.they have to be heard.Nadya,Jesus warns us all of this , Nadya,Jesus carried the cross and shed his blood Jesus went to h**l for us so Nadya shake the dust off your clothes don’t give satan’s people the time of day.Pray for them for they are blind and cannot see.I just wanted to stay H**lo and keep up the good work.You set a example only God can give. Love and Faith through Christ,patty

  29. Society has to stop concentrating on people merely wanting kids.. as a mother of two grown kids it takes the biggest sacrifice to take care of kids, they are the hardest job a parent will ever have. If a parent is not psychologically prepared to have a large ammount of kids they should rethink this, if your kid or kids have chronic illnesses, it can be exhausting emotionally and draing financially. One of the best gifts a parent can give a child is to become independant…how are the octomom kids ever going to learn that when the state will have to pay much or all of their childhood expenses..? Motherhood is a wonderful thing, but choose it wisely, soberly

  30. She has made the wrong decision about IVF. Let us help her, not harm her. If she lived near me I would help her out. Consider the dignity of her children. They did not ask to be here and the best place for them is to be with the mother. We need to help the children by helping the mother. They are Americans in need.

  31. It is amazing to me that there are actually more wack jobs that support this liar. They make it possible for people like Octoscammer to manipulate the system. To think she is raising 14 more to be liars and scammers just like her.

  32. I don’t know why everyone is so mad ad Nadia. None of us has given her a thing. Nor have we been asked to babysit. She shouldn’t spend the rest of her life apologizing. What’s done is done. She has to worry about her kids not our opinions.

    Keep your head up girl.

  33. Dear Nadya,

    You are doing the right thing and you know you are. SO many people dont know the story and do forgive them for their ignorant, judgmental, f**k-face, should go hang themselves, unfortunate, disrespectful, parent(s) didn’t raise them a*****es. It truly is annoying to hear other people judge you when in fact their life isnt so peachy itself. But of course they aren’t going to admit that, they should’ve been aborted, or given up for adoption, or etc.

    I say you respond to those letters from the people who have the B***S to put a return address on it and say “f**k you you f**king low life piece of s**t.” “Go tie a 10lb brick to your feet and jump off the San Francisco Bridge.” and if they ever come at you and your family again, go whoop their a*s! I mean one, two KNOCK OUT

    Lets have Peace \_/ not War

    Im behind you 100% Nadya and there for support if and when you need it.

  34. Nada, my heart goes out to you. I wonder how many of those rude people are collecting food stamps and keep having kids. People who speak hate towards you are plainly ignorant. They simply have nothing better to do. People are gonna complain no matter what. You are a mother who isn’t giving up which is more than most. Nothing ever comes from being hateful except more hate. Shame on all the ill speaking igmos out there. I hope you and your kids succeed in the highest possible way. With prayers, Angie

  35. your gonna make a fool out of the people who seem to hate you….oh sorry…there already fools. have a great life…you deserve it

  36. Angie, YOU are the ignorant one. This woman you are holding up as some kind of saint is not an innocent victim of circumstance. She is a mentally ill conniver who had herself implanted with fresh embryos multiple times because she thought she would get fame and fortune off the backs of her kids. She received nearly 2 million dollars in donations on top of what she gets from the government, and BLEW it all with nothing to show for it other than fancy clothes and terrible plastic surgery. The kids run around in mismatched rags in a pee-scented room with NO BEDS or sheets, but you can bet she has a nice bed and sheets for herself. So YOU are the ignorant one, Angie. The more you know about this fraud of a woman, the more you realize she is an insult to us who think parenting is serious business and that children are not dolls who can be shut up in a room and ignored. To all the folks who think Natalie Doud is so wonderful, I challenge you to read the website IVF-LIES-AND VIDEOTAPE. No hate there, just cold hard facts. After you read that and you STILL think she’s the second coming of Virgin Mary, then you are the ignorant, deluded fools you accuse us (we who know what she really is) of being. And don’t waste your time writing support to her, she wants your MONEY. Send her your paychecks.

  37. Please contact me about how to help my daughter have a baby threw artifical insemination. I sent other post no sure if they went threw. Give me your email and I will send you my phone number to talk.

  38. This is America Not Russia we the people can do what ever we want . Good for you Nadya Still think you are very hot. Would like to talk to you any time Tom D 267-679-0133

  39. Hi,

    I wanted to try to contact Nadia because I need a friend that I can talk to and she really loves children and is pro-life. She reminds me of myself about 10 years ago. I feel bad because the media and everyone likes to judge her and put her down but Christ Jesus was also mocked. There are millions and millions of babies aborted each year – why are these killers not mocked? Why? Because Nadia does not have the funds to “care properly” for her children? Pfft. Humans were CREATED to help one another – point blank. We are here for her and all people who need help. In turn, we are to accept help when needed. This world was not made for the rich to control poor but because of sin, we are twisted like Mogui in the Last Of The Mohicans.

  40. I want to tell you you’re AWESOME! GOD BLESS you. With all of the hate out there you’ve handled it well! I never knew what the public wanted from you! You to give up your children, abortion, nervous breakdown on camera, abandon the kids. WHAT? YOU DID EXACTLY what Heavenly Father wanted you to do. We don’t know what his plans are for these precious little souls! One of your children could be a great prophet, one might be a missionary and bring a family to God, one might be save someones life! You just don’t know. What we do know is they will be a blessing to you! Your babies LOVE you! Don’t listen to the evil. He’s really good at what he does. He disguises himself and makes things look better than what they are. Trust me I know! I have admiration for you because you do/did what a mother needs to do for her children! SO WHAT if you’re on a*sistance! That’s what it’s for!! If you ever need an encouraging word, help with food, or just help, call your LDS church! I converted 7 years ago and it was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done. REALLY! I’m 62 years old and have lived a life! They won’t ever judge you, they will only love you, you will get to know Heavenly Father and his son like you’ve never know him before! Your children will be loved and grow up with a foundation that’s cherished! NO WE DO NOT believe in polygamy!!! I’m just saying when you get down call the LDS missionaries and they will give you a hands on blessing and you’ll be surprised how much you life will change. You are blessed and in times that were at your lowest, YOU STILL listened! You kept those little souls and you’ve kept your promise to Heavenly Father. You gave them life when all around you there was evil! Telling you to abort, adoption, whatever.. YOU have what it takes and you’re doing good kid!!

    Deborah Woolley

  41. I would have thought your web pages would be about your BABIES, not of yourself nearly naked… and you’re concerned that opinions be kept appropriate and family safe?!? Unimaginable and disappointing!

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