Subject: I think it is very sad to hate the Octomom (Email to

I think it is very sad to hate the Octomom.  Those children need loads of love and help from everyone,  All she was doing is not have her eggs go to waste.  And she never expected all those eggs to develop into fetuses.  Her babies are healthy and I pray they can grow up feeling loved.  Why are people so hateful towards her. ??
When the one couple used invitro and got  those seven babies, everyone wanted to help them and they received so much help.  Stop calling her a fool and try to help the children grow up feeling loved and cared for.   It is such a sin to be hateful to anyone.

She felt that only three would possible take and she felt it religiously wrong to destroy the eggs.  Enough already!  reach out to help the situation and pray she can do well. I’m pleading for the health and stability fir these kids. I was a teacher and see the great need to be loving and kind to these babies.  God Bless you all and may you reach out to the kids and forgive.

Amelia A.

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  1. Obviously another idiot who didn’t bother to check out all the facts. The woman has 29 embryos still on ice because she has Never used a single frozen embyro she created. She insisted on the transfer of fresh each time.

    Greed, and not religion, is at the heart of the story.

  2. Who cares about how it happened. It is all in the past. What is done is done… Important fact is.. Those children are alive, well and real. They need help now regardless of how many of you hate Nadia.. Point is the children are important. Why in the world would you take it out on them.. As much as you all hate her and think its all about her. It is not.. Those babies are effected. What ever way you punish her, you punish those children.

  3. What!.. I went through MANY fertility treatments!.. 1- There is NO need to transfer 8 embryos! She could have transferred 2-3 embryos and call it a day. The doctor is obviously another whack job. Making the Invitro world look bad! It’s common sense. Yes, they are healthy, but knowing all the embryo’s had potential of developing into a fetus’ was a stupid move on her part. Transferring 8.. knowing she had 6 other children? Did she think she was a millionaire to support who children??? No.. So that’s why I dislike her and the rest of the world does!!!

  4. So when are you gonna crack, Natalie? This week? Next week?

    When the meds run out and you can’t afford them?



    And how many will you hurt in the process?

    If you hurt anyone, hope they give you the chair.

  5. u people make me sick so what she had ivf she had 8 kids and they all seen loved i dont hate her cause if i had a chance i would have 8 kids myself u all need a life and get over it its the past

  6. I cannot speak to the thought process that Nadia went through to arrive at her decision, and I do know that I would not ever make the same decision, I suggest that if she is concerned about eggs not going to waste that she investigate donating them. There are so many couples who cannot have children on their own without donated sperm and eggs that donating hers would be a generous and laudable gesture.

  7. You wonder why we hate her? Are you serious? She did this to herself and she is asking for handouts within her half a million home while still paying for private school. Seriously, if you want to dish out your hard earned money to help support a nutjob so be it.

    People have and still have been helping Kate for her kids, why, because she was MARRIED and decided to have kids. Within her home she keeps it clean and feeds her kids healthy. They take time out to spend time with each child. I don’t feel terrible about her situation because Jon didnt want anymore kids and then she would publicly hit him and demean him on TV, but anyways…

    Nadya is a disgrace, she publicly admits the children are to much for her and she cant afford to take care of them, well, give them to Brad Pitt and his chick. Let the government take them stop asking for money when so many responsible americans cant afford to buy a good amount of groceries and start making bills 30 days late to provide.

    I will not feel bad for her and I will hate her. She is a terrible mother and she shouldnt have gone and had anymore kids as a single mother from the beginning. She deserves the worst fate possible for purposely doing this to those children. Get with it lady!

  8. Seriously? I get – what is done is done – part, but, she needs to be ridiculed and punished for this behavior. Society has taken a terrible turn in values because of tolerance for this kind of action. A single (and broke) mother with how many children that now we taxpayers should take care of? Have you forgiving souls lost your minds? Do you not see anything wrong here? Have really degraded as a society that much?

    Yes the children are here and need the proper level of care and love because they are not at fault but focusing on that and not holding Mom with any degree of criticism and shame is wrong too. She should be not be allowed to profit from this entire situation in any way. Now p**n? That is a wholesome moral way of dealing with this.

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