The Jim Rose Circus

Greetings Nadya,

I hope you have been enjoying your summer, and I this letter finds you and your wonderful children in good health. It is interesting to see that you are in the news again, inspiring mothers trying to make financial ends meet as you record dance songs, perform in movies and on stage.

I would like to ask, have you ever heard of the Jim Rose Circus sideshow?

When I first heard of the Jim Rose Circus sideshow, I was intrigued. It’s a modern day, rock and roll version of the nineteenth century ‘freak’ shows. The main difference is that the people who star as ‘freaks’ aren’t people with differently shaped bodies, they are people who have developed unusual talents and abilities.

I’m not sure of your musical tastes or artistic interests. I think of the Jim Rose Circus sideshow as punk rock/ Rock-a-billy. However, if you chose to audition I think you would be an interesting addition to the show. I can imagine you as ‘The Human Octopus’, wearing a s*xy catsuit with some Octopus tentacles attached to it, coming out on stage and doing a suggestive writhing sort of dance.

You might be interested at looking into Annie Sprinkle, and other erotic performers that became situationalist artists.

Please note that I am not affiliated with the Jim Rose Circus sideshow in any way. I am not offering you a job with them, this is merely a suggestion.




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