the new 2012 year for octomom

All I would have to say is I hope that by year 2013 things will get better for you and your kids, I know people want to judge you,for your desion, because you had so many children at once,but it is what it is. too late to get mad at mother because she didnt have the exact money to take care of children. just have to keep moving forward to the future and make sure not to make anymore children.


5 thoughts on “the new 2012 year for octomom

    • Plez, stop stop stop. I leave n a very ruff neighborhood. I live n saginaw the highest rated crime city. 2 state cops just got killed and 4 children all sepratly n cross fire. Der is many apt. Complex’s out herr were low income famlies stay 4 as long as they lik & pay nothin. Plez believe me their nun but single woman wit lik 6,10,& 12 kids everywere. That party & smoke weed all day off well_fare money. The older women have lik more then dat. I do not agree wit dis. but u can’t help someone by makin them feel lik dirt.

  1. Yeah, keep writing yourself fanmail Natalie, I guess in Nadyaland you not only don’t watch tv (even though on your bankruptcy you were in arrears to Directtv, hmmmm weird?) you can pretend you have a fan club.

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