Subject: To ask for help is no crime (Email to Octomom)

Dear Octomom. I watched you on Oprah and even though I know you really took on more than needed. I envy you. I have a lovely son who I love to bits and I would love to have one more. Because of the economic crunch I have however steered clear from that yearning. Looking at you made me feel like a chicken however. You have 14 and no husband and no job. I have a job and a mostly supportive husband, but no guts to take the step. Always telling myself the finances will not work out. Just give them love lady. Here in SA we have 13 babies thrown away daily. You live up to you mistake. That makes you a grate person. You didn’t toss them in the trash. That is the inspiration. U kept them. To ask for help is no crime.

One thought on “Subject: To ask for help is no crime (Email to Octomom)

  1. Octomom..if you ever need a break and want to give some children away..I will take 2 please..I have tried to have kids and its unsuccessful..I always wanted to be a if you have some spares..I will adopt. Thank you!

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