a date with you

i would like to know if you would like to go on a date with me ? i really do , dispite anything else in the media , find you extremly beautiful . no i dont wanna , or have i , watched your movie . i’d really love to save something as that to be between us if ever . the only reason for this is because i see that YOU look like you deserve a good nites break . raising kids by yourself aint easy i know this and i also know with the kids you have guys are 1 just wanna screw ya and 2 shes got to much baggage . PLEASE DONT TAKE THAT TO OFFEND! i love kids and the more the better i say . i really am just a normal guy just wanting to take out a beautiful woman , not that i cant , but you id really like to do this with . if you would like to talk im gonna like you on facebook . just write Bob how you feel about this .

heres to hopin ,