A true Inspiration

Ms. Nadya

I am so proud of you!

I commend you on not giving your children to some random family who you would know nothing about, who may harm your child(rens), who wouldn’t be able to give them the love of THEIR MOTHER, or who probably is not fit to be a parent.

It is so annoying to see so many people say “give your kids up.” They are paying so close to attention to your life to where they are not see other people lives since they dont have one. They havent heard of the family who ADOPTED 14 kids and has 4 of her own. Where is the negative judgement for her? Not only does she have more kids than you, The couple is old. OR what about the people who have 20, 30 or some males even more kids running around?

And then for those who complain about tax dollars. How about, you fight for the innocent in the prison systems, and get rid of your untruthful politicians in office. DO something about that! OHH the money that would flood the system.

Ms. Nadya stay strong, determined, dedicated and a lover for the your kids. I support you 100. Unlike most people, you are a good role model for those kids and only a intelligent person would see why.