I find it truly amazing that so many people bash this woman for her mistakes (in the eyes of Americans)/ blessings. I’ve read most of the comments or letters and honestly its shocking! You say she is crazy for her actions and needs her kids taken away. Well answer me this, do you also believe the same for the Duggers? They have 19+ kids who don’t go to a traditional school. So do they deserve the same treatment? Oh Americans you quiet now right? You judge her because she is doing what most warm-blooded Americans are doing using and playing the system for her benefit. The only reason you have so much to say is because when she played the system it was public. H**l most of you that are talking bad are probably on some kid of government a*sistance now but you judge because they publicly said how much she gets. But hey keep talking bad about her it makes you seem soooooooo much better. GOD is the only person who can judge her and at the same time the only one that can determine the fate of her and her children. Your words won’t change HIS decision because it is already written. But hey you know more then GOD right?