Army Soldier/Artist wants to paint a picture for you

I have been following you in the news with wonderment for the last few years. I think you are work of Art. A modern day Mona Lisa is how I feel about your look. Thats why I wanted to paint a picture of you, for you; all I need is for you to tell me what your favorite photo of is, and I’ll get straight to work. Once it’s done, I’ll mail it to you; it would be an honor to do this. Of course if you like the painting, and find yourself with some extra time next June, well just maybe you could think about accompanying me to the Army ball next Year. I would be soooo proud to be your date, and my entire chain of command would be soooo jealous, would be nice. Oh,…my name is Zechoriah Poindexter,…you can google my name or look me up on facebook,…I used to have a lo of Art up online, but my 5 years in the Army have distracted me from that line of work, but I’ll be out in 2 years and I’ll hit the Art world in full force. Please let me know what you think about this,…we can deal with the painting first,..haha

okay, me [email protected]       ciao