Need a Friend

I agree with Nadia for the most part. She is a modern day equal of what Christ Jesus went through right before His crucifixion. I am not talking religiously, I mean that she is doing what she believes is right and the right thing no matter what is to be pro-life and that s*x is for pro-creation. Be fruitful and multiply and we are all here to help one another- we’re not really created to belittle, judge or punish one another for wanting to simply have children. Jesus Himself was poor and MOST people are NOT wealthy. She is a chaste person loving her family. A person who wants to love and who seeks love. God is Love. I’d like to be her friend.

I have 4 children – all older and have had my share or miscarriages over the years. Need someone to share my deep thoughts and beliefs with- one who has***t bottom but still floats with the help of God.