You asking for money? Go looking for a job.You can’t ask people to finance your live that was your choice.You wanted those kids so you must provide for them yourself.If you not can provide for them give your kids up for adoption.There are many people out there who want a kids but can’t have them.So don’t complain and go to work.

Dusty from germany

A few questions.

Ms. Suleman,

I am a ma*s media major in Ar, and entertainment is important to me. I have to tell you though, what you do is not entertainment. You are famous for giving birth to eight children you can’t take care of, and you knew that before you had them. Now you are doing p**n and auctioning yourself off on a dating site just to pay your rent. You are nothing more than a low cla*s prost*tute. At least hookers don’t try to gain fame by using children… first p**n and now selling yourself on the net. I hope DHS takes those kids from you, you evil piece of c**p. Ma’am, you deserve your own little spot in h**l, but it seems like you are already there. Have fun ruining eight little innocent lives.

-Justin Stu Smith

Arkadelphia AR