Octomom in the News Again : Welfare Fraud

Well, Octomom is in the news again.  This time?  Welfare Fraud.  According to sources she failed to report $30,000 of a*sisted income (aka: welfare).  It seems like she’ll never get out of the news.  It kind of sucks because it keeps giving media and haters something to talk about.  Who knows, maybe there’s some kind of a mistake?

Angry Letter From Octomom’s Boxing Opponent in Springfield MA

Octomom’s boxing opponent wrote a letter to Philebrity.com stating that the boxing match is a big scam.  She is set to box Octomom on September 24 in Springfield MA and says, “the whole thing is a scam”.  According to Jenna “i tried to pin feldman down as to how much of each $30 would go to the supposed charity (first he was calling it “tornado relief” but then ominously switched it to “tornado awareness” – TORNADO AWARENESS? give me a f**king break.) he wouldn’t give me an answer besides “that depends on you, how many tickets you sell.””

Are you surprised that Octomom’s boxing promoter is a scumbag and shady?  Check out Jenna’s letter to Octomom below.

Angry Octomom Boxing Opponent’s Letter

hi there,

just saw your blog post(s) about these 2 scumbags. agreed! i am embarra*sed to say that i volunteered to hit octomom, before realizing what kind of a*****es i was getting mixed up with. the fight is on sept 24 in springfield MA and the whole thing is a scam. they’re trying to get ME (and the 2 other opponents, both of whom work in the public eye & seem to have no problem with this, unlike myself) to publicize the thing for them AND sell tickets. they pretend it’s a charity. then they say no it’s not a charity, it’s “novelty”. i tried to pin feldman down as to how much of each $30 would go to the supposed charity (first he was calling it “tornado relief” but then ominously switched it to “tornado awareness” – TORNADO AWARENESS? give me a f**king break.) he wouldn’t give me an answer besides “that depends on you, how many tickets you sell.”

after he misspelled my name (differently each time) on flyers & in press releases i started googling him & discovering he’s on probation, banned from doing events in philly, you name it. darren silver is more difficult to trace. is he the former (?) boyfriend of tonya harding?

as for the fights, they’re all rigged so far as i can tell (otherwise, how could octomom keep winning even when she punches her opponent when she’s on her back, or runs away during a match?) but they do use oversized “novelty” gloves. i investigated these for myself. they are actually enormous. they sell them at t*tleboxing.com under “novelty items” and it is clearly written above the items, “NOT FOR CONTACT”. they weigh some 2-3 lbs each i think. they’re about 18″ across, and if you put them on they go down past the elbow. although it’s difficult to cause real damage with these, it’s also really difficult to get in a fair shot.

i don’t know who reads anything at this address but i’ve got nowhere else to rant to. i can’t really pull out of the fight because i’ve invested time & money in training, and plus i don’t want to gain a reputation as a quitter. but it’s embarra*sing to be a*sociated with these fools. i would love more than anything to take THEM down, octomom be d**ned. they are both the biggest douchebags i’ve ever met in my life, and you can quote me on that.


Update: Jenna did not mean for this letter to come out the way  interpreted.  Please see below for the update for a better idea about what happened:

For the record, the above letter was not about octomom at all. if i’d known it was going to be published i would have been much clearer in my writing but i was responding to two blog posts on philebrity.com about damon feldman and darren silver. those are the two people my letter was about. however, i’ve since decided that darren silver very likely doesn’t exist. and after feldman sent me a threatening email i apologized for hurting his feelings. the thing is i just wanted to fight, not sell tickets. those are two totally different things. anyway, i haven’t heard back from feldman so i a*sume he accepted my heartfelt apology & the fight will go on! in any case, i wasn’t talking about octomom. i have had no personal experience with her on which to base any sort of opinion!


Octomom Doctor Loses California Medical License

(Reuters) – The fertility doctor who helped California’s so-called Octomom have her eight babies had his license revoked on Wednesday by the state’s medical board.

The board said in a report that Beverly Hills doctor Michael Kamrava committed gross negligence by making “an excessive number of embryo transfers” into Nadya Suleman, now 35, who gave birth to octuplets in 2009 and became a celebrity media sensation.

The Los Angeles-area woman’s delivery of the eight children marked only the second time a full set of octuplets had been born in the United States.

But when it was revealed that Suleman was an unemployed single mother with six other children, the U.S. media turned sour and she was dubbed Octomom.

The California medical board said Kamrava, who had implanted 12 embryos into Suleman with eight of them resulting in live births, made an “extreme” departure from the standard of care.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommends that in patients under the age of 35, no more than two embryos should be transferred, but the group has said those guidelines depend on various circumstances.

Kamrava said at a hearing last year that he was complying with Suleman’s wishes, and out of concern that her fertility could be impaired and that she needed a large number of embryos to increase the chances of having a baby.

He also gave her fertility treatment for her previous six children.

The California medical board on Wednesday said it was also unhappy with Kamrava’s treatment of two other patients.

One was a 48 year-old woman whom Kamrava implanted with seven embryos, using eggs donated by her daughter.

“This is not a one-patient case or a two-patient case; it is a three patient case, and the established causes of discipline include repeated negligent acts (all three patients), gross negligence (two patients) and inadequate records (one patient),” the board said in its report.

The state medical board’s revocation of Kamrava’s license becomes effective on July 1. An attorney for Kamrava could not be reached for comment.

Suleman appeared in several talk shows and television specials about her life with her 14 children.

(Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis: Editing by Jill Serjeant)